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 Awakening of The True Hebrew Remnant


Chapter 28:10

And All people of the earth shall see that..”     You are called by…”

The Name of…”


And they shall be afraid of You!

Chapter 6:7

Thus Said Yah!

“And they shall put “MY NAME!!!” Upon the children of Yahdaim; and I will bless them!!!”

Chapter 44:5

Thus Said Yah Almighty!

“One shall say, I am Yah’s; and another shall call himself by the name of Yahgob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto I Yah!!!”

“And surname himself by the Name of…”


Religion in Saudi Arabia



Population (Percentage)







Nature rages in Africa! The city is sinking! Flood in Tripoli, Libya  November 27, 2022


Thousands of houses went underwater! The worst flood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia            November 24, 2022

Religion in Sudan



Pain of the Earth in France! Orange alert for flooding in Montpellier           November 15, 2022

🔴“Get Out Now!”: Hundreds Rescued In NSW Floods🔴 Arabian Desert Is Under Ice | NOVEMBER 12-14, 2022

Powerful M6.2 earthquake!!! destroyed houses and infrastructure in Biobio, Chile November 14, 2022

Europe is under attack! Hundreds of cars float like boats! Flood in Valencia, Spain November 13, 2022

Chapter 30:23-24

Behold!!!  The whirlwind of Yah goes forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked!

The fierce anger of Yah shall not return, until He have done it, and until He have performed the intents of His Heart: in the latter days you shall consider it.

     Jesus Christ /Tammuz Statue Wicked Evil Idol                   Abomination!

Religions in Belize


Pain of the Earth!!! People run away! The worst hail breaks houses in Minas Gerais, Brazil!   November 9, 2022

Religion in Philippines


Destructive Storms!!! 2022: Philippines, Great Britain, Belize

Philippines Top 10 Natural Disasters!!!

Chapter 1:2

Yah is jealous, and Yah revenge; and is furious!!!

Yah will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserve wrath for his enemies!


Religions in Venezuela


More than 14,000 houses are affected by landslides and floods! in Anzoategui, Venezuela! 

Venezuela!!! Landslide turns streets into rivers of mud and water!

Sacred Mosque Al-Haram and Kaaba during rains and thunderstorms in Mecca! Saudi Arabia  November 2, 2022

Chapter 42:5-8

Thus said Yah Almighty! He that created the heavens, and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which come out of it;

He that give breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein!

“Thus Said Yah Almighty!!!”

 “I Yah!!!”

“Have Called You in righteousness, and will hold Your hand, and will keep You, and give You for a Covenant of the people, for a light of the..“Gentiles!!!”

“To Open the Blind Eyes, to bring Out the Prisoners from the Prison, and them that sit in Darkness out of the Prison House!”

“I Am Yah!!!”

“That is My Name!!!”

“And My Honor Will I Not Give to Another, Neither My Praise to Graven images!!!”


Leviticus 26:31

Thus Said Yah! Almighty Creator of Heavens and Earth!

And I Will Make Your Cities Waste!!! And Bring Your Sanctuaries Unto “Desolation!!!”

And I Will Not Smell the Savor of..”         “Your “Sweet Odors!”

Historic Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Fort Scott Struck by Lightning! distroyed by fire!



How Many Gods Are There in India?

Hinduism has 330 million gods and goddesses.

List of Hindu deities

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hinduism is the largest religion in the Indian subcontinent, and the third largest religion in the world. Hinduism has been called the “oldest religion” in the world, and many practitioners refer to Hinduism as “the eternal law” (Sanātana Dharma).[1] Within this faith, there are four major traditions or denominations, namely, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism.[2][3][4][5] There also exist a number of minor traditions, such as Ganapatism[6] and Saurism.

Lightning strikes kill more people in India!!! than other natural calamities, climate change is making it worse!

India turned into a sea of destruction! flash flood hits pune after rainstorm 

10 Biggest Natural Disasters! That Have Struck India!!! – Tens Of India

Religions in Indonesia!


Like Tsunami Flash flood in Indonesia! | Banjir Jakarta timur hari ini | Indonesia flood today     November 5, 2022

Houses are washed away by the current! Landslides and flood hit Java, Indonesia!

Pain of the Earth! People run away! The worst hail breaks houses in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


CRAZY VIDEO! Entire cities go under water in Iran! God’s wrath? 2022   


Brazil ready to finish😱! Heavy rains Destroyed Many Houses!                       Brazil floods 2022



At least 41 people, including 15 children, killed in church fire in Egypt!!!             

Congregation keeps faith after Oxford’s oldest church destroyed in fire!           


Israel Finished! Deadly flood due to Heavy rains! Israel floods 2022 new updates





“Must  “KILL ALL AMERICANS” with Biological Weapons!!!”









                          EXPOSED!!!                                     MODERNA & PFIZER MASS MURDER GOES MAINSTREAM!KIDS TOLD TO GET HEART ATTACK JAB!

FEMA CDC coffins!!! Madison, GA 


Chapter 54:1-17

Concerning The Servants of Yah!

 Thus Said Yah Almighty Creator of Heavens And Earth!

“Sing, O barren, You that did not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, You that did not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife.”

“Enlarge the place of Your tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of Your habitations: spare not, lengthen Your cords, and strengthen Your stakes…”

“For You Shall break forth on the right hand and on the left; and…”

“Your Seed Shall inherit the…”



“And Make The Desolate Cities to be..” Inhabited!”

“Fear Not!!! 

“For You Shall Not be ashamed: neither be You confounded; for You Shall Not be put to shame: for…”

“You Shall forget the shame of Your youth, and Shall Not remember the reproach of Your widowhood anymore.”

“For Your Maker is Your Husband!”

“Yah of Hosts is My Name!!!”

“And Your Redeemer…”
“The Almighty One of “Yahdaim!!!”

“The Yah of The Whole Earth…”

“Shall I Be Called!!!”

Storm and hordes of locusts in Europe!!! overflowing dam in India: 

“For I Yah has Called You as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when You was refused.”

“For a Small Moment Have I Forsaken You; But With Great Mercies Will I Gather You!”

“In a little Wrath I hid My Face from You for a moment; but with Everlasting Kindness will I have Mercy on You!”

“For this is as the waters of Noah unto Me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth…”

“So Have I Sworn That I Would Not Be Angry With You, Nor Rebuke You!!!”

“For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but…”

“My kindness shall not depart from You, neither shall the Covenant of My Peace be removed.”

“O’ You Afflicted, tossed with tempest, and Not Comforted…”


              “I Will Lay Your Stones…”

“With Fair “Colors!!!”

“And Lay Your Foundations With…”             “Sapphires!”

“And I Will Make Your Windows of Agates…”

“And Your Gates of Carbuncles, And All Your Borders of Pleasant Stones!!”

“And All Your Children Shall Be Taught of I Yah; And Great Shall Be The Peace of Your Children.”

“In Righteousness Shall You Be Established: You Shall Be Far From Oppression!”

“For You Shall Not Fear: And From Terror; For it Shall Not Come Near You!!!”

“Behold!!!  They Shall surely gather together, but Not by Me…”

“Whosoever Shall Gather Together Against You!  Shall Fall for Your Sake!”

“Behold!!! I have created the smith that blow the coals in the fire, and that bring forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.”

“No Weapon that is Formed Against You..” “Shall “Prosper!!!”

“And every tongue that shall rise against You in judgment You Shall Condemn!”

“This is The Heritage of The Servants of I Yah, And Their Righteousness is of Me!”

Thus Said Yah Almighty Creator of Heavens and Earth!

Chapter 7:8-10

Thus Said Yah!! Almighty Creator of heavens and Earth!

“Behold,!!! You Trust in Lying Words…”

“That Cannot Profit!!”

“Will You Steal, Murder, and Commit Adultery, and Swear Falsely, and Burn Incense Unto Baal, and Walk after other Gods Whom You Know Not…”

“And Come and Stand Before Me in this House, which is Called by My Name, and Say…”

“We are Delivered to do all These “Abominations?”

To the House of “Yisrael” (Israel)

Chapter 5:1-27

Hear You This Word Which I Take Up Against You, Even a Lamentation…”

“O’ House of Yisra”el”!!!”

“The virgin of Yisrael is fallen; she shall no more rise: she is forsaken upon her land; there is none to raise her up.”

For thus said Yah Almighty…”

“The city that went out by a thousand shall leave an hundred, and that which went forth by an hundred shall leave ten, to the house of Yisrael.”

“For thus said Yah unto the house of “Yisrael,”

“Seek You Me, And You Shall Live!”

“But seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal, and pass not to Beersheba: for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity, and Bethel shall come to naught.”

Bethel is the ancient City that  king Jeroboam set up the deity “EL” Apis the bull, the golden calf, to be worshipped by the Northern Kingdom that separated themselves from Yah, and called themselves “Israel.” 

Hircanus changed the name of the ancient city of Bethel to the name of Jerusalem as it is known today.

The city of Bethel today is now called Jerusalem.

“Seek Me Yah, and You shall live!”

“Lest I Break Out Like FIRE.. in the house of Yoseph, and devour it!!!”

“And There Be None to Quench it in Bethel!!!”

Jerusalem hills villages evacuated due to Forest Fire!!!

“You Who Turn Judgment to Wormwood, And Leave Off Righteousness in The Earth…”

“Seek Me Yah that make…”

“The Seven Stars and “Orion…”

“And turn the shadow of death into the morning, and make the day dark with night: that call for the waters of the sea, and pour them out upon the face of the earth…”

“Yah is My Name!!!”

“That strengthen the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled shall come against the fortress.”

“They hate Me that rebuke in the gate, and they abhor Me that speak uprightly.”

“Forasmuch therefore as your treading is upon the poor, and you take from him burdens of wheat: you have built houses of hewn stone, but you shall not dwell in them; you have planted pleasant vineyards, but you shall not drink wine of them.”

Historic Masonic Temple  Destroyed in Fire!!! Fully Involved Main St Orange Nj 4-19-22 P-1

“For I Know Your Manifold Transgressions                                            “And Your…”

“Mighty  Wickedness!!!”

Historic Zanesville Masonic Temple destroyed by Fire!!!

“They Afflict The Just, They Take a Bribe, And They Turn Aside The Poor in The Gate From Their Right!”

“Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.”

“Seek good, and not evil, that you may live: and so I Yah, the Yah of hosts, shall be with you, as you have spoken.”

Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that I Yah of hosts will be kind unto the remnant of Joseph.

“Therefore I Yah the Yah of hosts, said thus…”

“Wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the highways…”

Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire!

Alas! alas! and they shall call the husbandman to mourning, and such as are skillful of lamentation to wailing.”

“And in all vineyards shall be wailing…”

“For I Will Pass Through “You!”

“Woe unto You that desire the Day of Yah!”

“To What End is it For You?”

“The Day of Yah is Darkness…”

“And Not “Light!”

“As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.”

“Shall not the Day of Yah be Darkness…”  “And Not Light?”

“Even Very Dark, And No Brightness in it?”

“I hate, I despise Your feast days, and I will not smell in Your solemn assemblies.”

“Though You offer Me burnt offerings and Your meat offerings…”

“I will not accept them!!!”

“Neither will I regard the peace offerings of..”

“Your fat beasts!”

“Take You Away From Me The Noise of Your..” “Songs; for…”

“I will not hear the melody of Your viols.”

“But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

“Have You offered unto Me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years…”

“O’ House of Yisrael?”

“But You have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun Your images…”

“The Star of your god, which You made to…”                                        “Yourselves.”

“Therefore will I Cause You to go into Captivity                                          “Beyond “Damascus!”

Said the Yah, whose name is The Yah of hosts.

Scary tornado hit USA | us tornado 2022




Thus Said Yah Almighty Creator of Heavens and Earth!

Chapter 65:17

For, Behold! I create “NEW HEAVENS” and a “NEW EARTH:” and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

Chapter 37:12-14

“Therefore prophesy and say unto them…”

Thus said Yah Almighty!!!


“O’ My People!!”

 “I Will Open Your Graves, And Cause You to Come Up Out of Your Graves, And Bring You Into The Land of Yahdaim!”

“And You Shall Know That I Am Yah, When I Have Opened Your Graves…”

“O’ My People, And Brought You Up Out of…” “Your Graves!”

“And Shall Put My Ruach (spirit) in You…”

“And You Shall Live…”

“And I Shall Place You in Your Own Land And: Then Shall You Know That I Yah Have Spoken It, And Performed It!!!”

Israeli woman Says Black People are the Real Jews: The Real Hebrew Isrealites

Jerusalem hills villages evacuated due to Forest fire!

Israel Gone ! Heavy flood Due to Rain ! Israel Floods 2022 latest updates

We Are From The Seed of Noah’s Son


We Are “NOT” From The Seed of Noah’s Son


Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary


Ham- the youngest son of Noah, born probably 96 years before the flood; and one of eight persons to live through the flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races “NOT THE NEGROES,” but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans, and Canaanites.


Young’s Compact Bible Dictionary


Ham- Son of Noah and father of Cush, Egypt, Put, Canaan, while they were all dark skin they were NOT the Fathers of the NEGROID RACE but rather people associated with Egypt or North  of the continent of Africa.


Why did the Almighty Creator choose the seed of SHEM as His chosen People?

Why did Yah not choose JAPHETH or HAM as His chosen People?


Because SHEM was the Only one of Noah’s son’s that abide by his father Noah’s instructions, that refused to worship pagan deities, and bow down to Nimrod, son of Cush, grandson of HAM. 

Noah’s sons  Japheth and Ham  did not abide by Noah’s teaching, worshipped pagan idols and deities.  Japheth and Ham worshipped Nimrod’s wife Semiramis, and son Tammuz.

The seed of Japheth and Ham are still this very day worshipping the deities of Semiramis and Tammuz today.

Notice the statues Semiramis and Tammuz are depicted as black. The reason for this is because Nemrod the great conqueror, father of Tammuz was a black Ethiopian man.

We also today have deceived black Hebrew Israelite organization worshipping these deities Semiramis and her son Tammuz as Ya-ho-shua (Jesus).

Yes, they are the very same deities, and they are an abomination to The Most High Yah. 

Jesus / Tammuz evil idol abomination!

We know these deities today as  Virgin Mary (Semiramis) and son Jesus Christ (Tammuz), with a color change.

The Pope prefer to worship Semiramis (virgin Mary) and Tammuz (Jesus) in his original form today in private.

Pope worshipping Virgin Mary and Tammuz in their original form as black deities in private. 

Japheth Genealogy Ashkenaz today are known  as the Ashkenazi Jews. They are “NOT” from the seed of Noah’s son “SHEM.”

The Ashkenazi are  from the seed of Noah’s son “JAPHETH.” 

Japheth’s Genealogy

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria:
Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had ancient Babylonian black arts, occult oligarchs serving as his court. During this time, Khazarians become known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.
800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations:
The leaders of the surrounding nations, especially Russia, have had so many years of complaints by their citizens that, as a group, they deliver an ultimatum to the Khazarian king. They send a communique to the Khazarian king that he must choose one of the three Abrahamic religions for his people, and make it his official state religion and require all Khazarian citizens to practice it, and socialize all Khazarian children to practice that faith.
The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar.
Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing ancient Babylonian black-magic, also known as Secret Satanism. This Secret Satanism involved occult ceremonies featuring child sacrifice, after “bleeding them out”, drinking their blood and eating their hearts.
The deep dark secret of the occult ceremonies was that they were all based on ancient Baal Worship, also known as worship of the Owl. In order to fool the confederacy of nations led by Russia that were watching Khazaria, the Khazarian king melded these Luciferian black-magick practices with Judaism and created a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism.
This was made the national religion of Khazaria, and nurtured the same evil that Khazaria was known for before.
Sadly, the Khazarians continued their evil ways, robbing and murdering those from surrounding countries who traveled through Khazaria.
Khazarian robbers often attempted to assume their identities after they murdered these visitors, and became masters of disguises and false identities.

— a practice they have continued even to this very day, along with their child-sacrifice occult ceremonies, which are actually ancient Baal Worship.

Source:   James Fitzer; Eposing  Falsehoods And Revealing Truths


Ashkenazi Jews

Ashkenazi Jews

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Jews in Central Europe (1881)
Ashkenazi Jews (/ˌæʃ-, ɑːʃkəˈnɑːzi/ ASH-, AHSH-kə-NAH-zee;[18] Hebrew: יְהוּדֵי אַשְׁכְּנַז, romanizedYehudei Ashkenaz), also known as Ashkenazic Jews or by using the Hebrew plural suffix -im, Ashkenazim[a] are a Jewish diaspora population who coalesced in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first millennium.[20]
The traditional diaspora language of Ashkenazi Jews is Yiddish (a Germanic language with elements of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Slavic languages),[20] developed after they had moved into northern Europe: beginning with Germany and France in the Middle Ages. For centuries, they used Hebrew only as a sacred language, until the revival of Hebrew as a common language in 20th century Israel. Throughout their time in Europe, Ashkenazim have made many important contributions to its philosophy, scholarship, literature, art, music and science.

And Shem also refused to bow down and worship Nimrod’s wife Semiramis, and son Tammuz, or engage in pagan idolatry which Almighty Yah forbids. 

Nimrod’s wife Semiramis, and sonTammuz

Noah’s son’s  HAM and JAPHETH  transgressed and did bow down and worship Nimrod and pagan idolatry.

Today the descendants of Noah’s sons Ham, and Japheth are still bowing down and worshipping other deities, gods, Idols worldwide.

Nothing has changed! 

Today sadly the seed of Shem is also worshipping these deities, and idolatry…”

“Causing us to be under the curses, and cut off from Almighty Yah in this end time.

Because many of us refuse to let go of our precious  god worship, and idolatry! 

The Almighty Yah Creator of heavens and earth is calling, and waking up His chosen People.

The True End Time Remnant of Yah!

Please make no mistake the true People of Yah will be called with His Name!

There is great power in the Name of Yah!

Chapter 3:13-15

The Real Mount Sinai Image below..still all burnt up today!

And Moses said unto Yah…”

“Behold! When I come unto the children of Yahdaim, and shall say unto them…”

“The Almighty of Your fathers has sent me unto You; and they shall say to me…”

“What is his Name?”

“What shall I say unto them?”

And Yah said unto Moses…”

Ah-ha-Yah! (I-The-Yah) Thus shall you say unto the children of Yahdaim, “HaYah!” (The-Yah) has sent me unto You.

“Thus shall you say unto the children of Yahdaim…”

“The Yah of Your fathers!”

“The Yah of Abraham!”

“The Yah of Isaac!”

“And the Yah of Yahgob, has sent me unto…”          “You!”

“This is My Name for ever, and this is My memorial unto all generations.

Link Below


Almighty Yah is calling His People to repentance, to return from our rebellion and wickedness.

Yah is calling us to return back to Him, and Him alone, and don’t bring with us no  other lovers

I will explain to you this in detail so that you will have knowledge of the truth.

We must know and understand that the Almighty Creator of heavens and earth is “One,” and…”

“He dwells Only in “Oneness!”

What this mean is that we must seek…”

Oneness with Him!

When you stand before Yah in judgement, on judgement day it will just be you standing before Him and no one else, One on One

We wont be able to bring our other gods, Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, Baal, Lucifer, Satan, idols, abominations with us as we stand before Him in Judgement.

There will be no one there to speak in your defense.

That is Oneness just you and Yah! 

Yah is One and we must worship Him in…” “Oneness!!!”

You wont find Him in any religions, idols, gods, you can Only find Him in Oneness because He is One.

This may come as a great surprise, and even a shock because it goes against all what you have been taught in your life.

You will never find the Almighty Creator of heavens and earth in a religion because truth be told “all religions belong to Satan…”

 “Yes! “ALL” of them.

Historic West Virginia Catholic church burned to ground by arsonist, police say            June 27, 2022

This happened on our Earth!!! Tornado / Flood / Landslide /June / 2022

What we fail to realize is that Satan can also appear as an…”

“Angel of Light!!!”

The religions of the world are just Satan’s attempt to appear as an “Angel of Light.”

Remember to find Yah we must first remove all of  our abominations, and wickedness out of His sight, circumcise (clean) our hearts, and repent.

The worst thing that we can do to Yah is to come to Him with our abominations (our other lovers) and expect Him to accept us with all these wicked affronts.

Now it doesn’t matter how loving, and compassionate we are.

When we are loving, caring, and compassionate, and then  mix all these good things with our abominations than its like mixing vinegar with honey, it will spoil the taste of the honey.

The honey becomes bitter and must be thrown out.

How would you feel if you had this person in your life that you loved so very much, with all of your heart.

This person made a vow to you to love you above all and never to place anyone before you for as long as you both shall live.

Then one day this person that you loved cheated on you with another lover and asked you to forgive them.

You forgave them because you loved this person so very much.

Now this person that you love and forgave came back to you but you was deeply sadden,  and hurt with a broken heart because your lover want to return to you bringing the other lovers with them.

Now you can understand what the Almighty Creator of heavens and earth feel when we want to return to Him bringing our other lovers along with us refusing to let them go!

We want to come to Him bringing  our abominations with us such as, Israel, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, all our other lovers with us.

Now remember you can only find  The Most High Yah, “Only in Oneness.”

He dwells “Only in Oneness” because…”

He is “One!”

We will provoke Him to Furious  Anger and Wrath if we rebelliously appear before Him bringing  with us…”

“All our Abominations!

Historically Black church in Rowan County destroyed in fire! Officials say June 16, 2022

         Fayette County Church!                  destroyed by fire! | FOX 7 Austin         June 9, 2022



2 Chronicles
Chapter 7:14

Thus Said Almighty Yah!

“If My People, Which Are Called By My Name, Shall Humble Themselves, And Pray, And Seek My Face And…”

“Turn From Their Wicked Ways; Then Will I Hear From Heaven, And Will Forgive Their Wickedness, And Will Heal Their Land.”

The Real Mount Sinai image below, still all burnt up today!

Secretly climbing the real Mount Sinai in Arabia! The forbidden mountain.

Many of us are right this very day doing this exact thing to Yah.

We want to come before Him bringing our abominations with us.

We are coming before Him bringing  Jesus Christ, Yo-ho-shua Paul, Allah, Mohammed, Israel, and our idol abominations that we bow down to, clean and shine, kiss, and treasure and love so very much.

We bring all this before Him praying, fasting, and Yah will not answer nor will He accept these abominations!

The Almighty Creator loves us so very much, but “He will not except these abominations,” and evil wicked affronts because He is Righteous.


We Provoked Him to Furious Anger, And Wrath!

The Almighty Yah is jealous because we come to  Him bringing our other lovers, with us, and we have profaned His Sanctuary with these evil abominations...”REPEATEDLY!” 

I hope you understand that you can Only approach Yah in Oneness!

The righteous Malakim (Angeles), there are many but they are all in Oneness with Almighty Yah of host.

They worship Him in One Accord in Oneness!


Who We are…?

                                   “We Are the..”


“The People of Yah!”

The True Seed of Yahgob!

We are the true Antient Hebrews…”

The Real End Time Remnant of The Almighty Creator of The Heaven’s And Earth!

HIDDEN TRUTHS! Not All African Americans Came From Africa! || Wake Up Africa

Why Are You Inviting African Americans to Africa? || Ask Dr. Mumbi

Where Are 156,000+ Missing and Exploited Black Children in America -Part 1

Where Are the Missing Black Towns? | Every How Did We Get Here (Part 3) | The Amber Ruffin Show


 We are “Yahdah” one of the twelve Tribes of  The Yahdaim.

We collectively are called The..


We the Yahdaim worship “YAH” alone and “Only” Him do we serve! 

We the Yahdaim walk in Oneness with Only Yah!

Only Yah sits on the Throne of our hearts the Yahdaim  forever!

We the Yahdaim are called by The Name of…


Chapter 6:27

And they shall put “MY NAME UPON THE CHILDREN OF YAHDAIM; and I will bless them!

Chapter 28:10

“And all people of the earth shall see that you are “CALLED BY THE NAME OF YAH…”

“And they shall be afraid of You!”

Chapter 43:7

Even every one that is “CALLED BY MY NAME”: for I have created him for My Honor, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.

Chapter 14:9

Why should you be as a man dismayed, as a mighty man that cannot save?

Yet You, O’ Yah, are in the midst of us, and we are…”                 


“leave us not!”

Chapter 15:16

Your Words were found, and I did eat them; and Your Word was unto me the delight of mine heart: for I am “CALLED BY YOUR NAME,” O’ Yah of hosts.

Chapter 9:19

O’ Yah, hear; O’ Yah, forgive; O’ Yah, hearken and do; defer not, for Your own sake, O’ my Yah: for Your City and Your People are…” 

                “CALLED BY YOUR NAME!!”

Chapter 23:21

Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for “MY NAME IS IN HIM.”

2 Samul
Chapter 6:2

And David arose, and went with all the people that were with him from Baale of Yahdah, to bring up from there the ark of Yah, whose Name is “CALLED BY THE NAME OF YAH” of hosts that dwell between the cherubims.

We the so called Negros we are under the curses of Deuteronomy 28.

Where we are scattered is part of those…


We do worship the…”


The image below is an image of Cesare Borgia. This is the image that the deity Jesus Christ was created from.

This is the image that all good white Christian people are now worshiping, bowing down to, and praising every Sunday in their churches.

Cesare Borgia


Jesus Christ

Cesare Borgia

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Cesare Borgia (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtʃeːzare ˈbɔrdʒa, ˈtʃɛː-]ValencianCèsar Borja [ˈsɛzaɾ ˈbɔɾdʒa]; Spanish: César Borja [ˈθesaɾ ˈβoɾxa]; 13 September 1475 – 12 March 1507) was an Italian[3][4] cardinal and condottiero (mercenary leader)[5][6] of Aragonese (Spanish) origin,[7] whose fight for power was a major inspiration for The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. He was an illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI and member of the Spanish-Aragonese House of Borgia.[8]
After initially entering the church and becoming a cardinal on his father’s election to the Papacy, he became, after the death of his brother in 1498, the first person to resign a cardinalate. He served as a condottiero for King Louis XII of France around 1500, and occupied Milan and Naples during the Italian Wars. At the same time he carved out a state for himself in Central Italy, but after his father’s death he was unable to retain power for long. According to Machiavelli, this was not due to a lack of foresight, but his error in creating a new pope.[9]



I hereby warn you that we Hebrews need to come out of that false book….called the New Testament…it is an abomination.

The New Testament will only lead you on the path of destruction, separating  the wheat from the chaff.

Yah Almighty is the only Savior and only Redeemer!!

Why do you not believe….Him?

How can you get sperm…from a …ghost?

(holy ghost)



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Cannibalism is the act of consuming another individual of the same species as food. Cannibalism is a common ecological interaction in the animal kingdom and has been recorded in more than 1,500 species.[1] Human cannibalism is well documented, both in ancient and in recent times.[2]


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The Eucharist (/ˈjuːkərɪst/; also known as Holy Communion and the Lord’s Supper among other names) is a Christian rite that is considered a sacrament in most churches, and as an ordinance in others. According to the New Testament, the rite was instituted by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper; giving his disciples bread and wine during a Passover meal, he commanded them to “do this in memory of me” while referring to the bread as “my body” and the cup of wine as “the new covenant in my blood”.[1][2][3] Through the eucharistic celebration Christians remember Christ’s sacrifice of himself on the cross.[4]
The elements of the Eucharist, sacramental bread (leavened or unleavened) and sacramental wine (or non-alcoholic grape juice), are consecrated on an altar or a communion table and consumed thereafter. Communicants, those who consume the elements, may speak of “receiving the Eucharist” as well as “celebrating the Eucharist”.[5] Christians generally recognize a special presence of Christ in this rite, though they differ about exactly how, where, and when Christ is present.[5]

The Catholic Church states that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ under the species of bread and wine, it maintains that by the consecration, the substances of the bread and wine…”

“Actually become the substances of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.”


Transubstantiation (LatintransubstantiatioGreek: μετουσίωσις metousiosis) is, according to the teaching of the Catholic Church, “the change of the whole substance of bread into the substance of the Body of Christ and of the whole substance of wine into the substance of his Blood“. This change is brought about in the eucharistic prayer through the efficacy of the word of Christ and by the action of the Holy Spirit.

while the appearances or “species” of the bread and wine remain unaltered (e.g. color, taste, feel, and smell).


Behold!! The Great End Time Abomination And Evil Deception!


 The fallen angels were the only spirit beings that came down…transformed and chose wives and fathered children on this earth….not Yah!

The very beginning of this act of abomination began at the beginning of creation of man and woman in the garden of Eden. Eve was the very first.


The First-Born Son of Yahgob and Leah.

“Flee, therefore, fornication, my children, and command your wives and your daughters, that they adorn not their heads and faces to deceive the mind…”

“Because every woman who use these wiles have been reserved for eternal punishment.”

“For thus they allured the Watchers  who were before the “flood…”

“For as these continually beheld them, they lusted after them, and they conceived the act in their mind…”

“For they changed themselves into the shape of men…and appeared to them when they were with their husbands.”

“And the women lusting in their minds after their forms, gave birth to giants…”

“For the Watchers appeared to them as reaching even unto heaven.”



Almighty Yah the King of the universe is One!!

Almighty Yah dwell in Oneness!

Yah is “ONE” and we must worship Him in “ONENESS.”

This so called Jesus Christ/ Ya-ho-shua of the new testament is a fictitious false idol image human blood sacrifice abomination!

We must bring ourselves to accept this very hard fact or we will be destroyed because of lack of knowledge, and wickedness!

Star of David is an abomination, and it is a hexagram

The Creator forbids human blood sacrifices!

Satan demands human blood sacrifice!!

Because he is a Reptilian Serpent!

The god of the new testament Jesus/Ya-ho-shua is not from the seed of David because his father is a…..”ghost!!  (satan)

NO!!! The only King that will come and save us, the Set-Apart People is..

Almighty Yah of host! King of the universe!

Why you Hebrew’s don’t believe the clear spoken words of Yah?

He is the One with Hair like wool because He is the Ancient of days. He is spoken of in the book of Daniul. Please do not be deceived.

Yah will not leave this up to another!!

He waited way to long for His Day…when He will bring utter destruction to all the nations of the world…and make His enemies ashes under our feet!

Please know  that Yah is jealous and burning in fury!!! 

Because we wont let go of our false deities!

Yah’s Raiment will be splattered with the blood of His enemies and 2/3 of us Hebrew’s because like our forefather’s we  just love our precious evil deities so very much!… And refuse to let go of them!

Yah can just send one Malak.. MicaYah to destroy this whole earth if He just wanted to send someone to destroy.

Yah will come to save “ONLY” the Remnant of Yahdaim not Israel because this Jewish state only been in existence since 1948…and mean nothing to Yah!  

Hebrew’s!! Stop!!..calling yourself “Israel” “Yisrael” etc. “EL” is referencing the…”

“Fallen Angels.” The fallen host of heaven!

“Go to the Book of Enoch and notice the names of the Fallen Angels ”LOOK!” and you will see “EL” at the end of “THEIR NAMES” that is the “EL” that you Hebrews are calling yourself so proudly...changing your names.

Well you are calling yourselves the children of the Fallen Angeles!

Moses was not speaking of your black Jesus it doesn’t matter what name that you call him.

This is what the enemies of Yah has done they stole the first name and color of our beloved brother and High Priest “Yahshua Ben Nun” that stood beside Mosheh (Moses) and placed it on this heathen deity.

Yes Satan is very clever, and a master of deception, a  father of lies.

Because Satan knows very well…that Yah will one day awaken His people…and you would not accept this “white Jesus”.. so he made you a “black Jesus”…and you just love him…so very much.

Thus said Yah The Almighty One!

IsaYah 42:8

I am YAH!!!..that is My Name: and My Honor will I not give to another!!! neither My Praise to graven images!! 

HosheYah 13:4

“Yet I am Yah your Abba from the land of Mizrahyim and you will acknowledge..”


My dear Hebrew People I come to give you a very serious dire warning from Almighty Yah of Host.

Now let the spoken Words of Yah consume you and meditate in them. Please let them serve as a beacon of light to us that walk in darkness to draw us back to Him the Only Savior, and Redeemer.

                                         HosheYah 6: 6-7

“For I desire mercy and not sacrifice and the knowledge of I Yah more than burnt offerings.”

“But they like Adam have transgressed the Covenant there they dealt treacherously against.. Me!!”

IsaYah 58:

“Cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet and show My People their transgressions and the House of Yahgob their iniquity!!”

YeremYah 35: 15

“I have also sent all My Servants the Prophets to you, rising up early and sending them, saying…”

“Turn now every one of you from your evil way and amend your doings and do not go after hinder Elohim (EL’s-God’s)…to serve  them..”

“Then you will live in the land which I have given you.. and your fathers.  But you have not inclined your ear; paid any attention…nor listened to Me!!

YeremYah 18: 15-17

“Yet My people have forgotten Me!

“They have burned incense to vanity “Elohim” lords…”

(adonim.EL’s gods and goddesses) which have caused them to stumble in their ways…”


EL (God) worship has caused them to walk on bypaths and not on the way built up.

 Deuteronomy 24:16

 I, “ONLY! I, AM  HE! And there is NO!” “GOD!! WITH ME!”

(god, gods, EL, Jesus Christ,Yahoshua, Yahawashi, Yahusha,Yahweh, Allah, Muhammad)

“I kill and I make alive! I wound, and I heal! Neither is there any that can deliver out of MY Hand!”

The real Mount Sinai image below still all burnt up today!

Thus Said Yah!

And Yah appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him…

“I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place to Myself for an House of sacrifice.”

“If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My People”

 “If My People, which are called by…”

“MY NAME!!!”

“Shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek “MY FACE,” and…”

“Turn from their wicked ways!”

“Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their wickedness, and will heal their                                              “land.”

“Now Mine eyes shall be open, and Mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place.”

“For now have I chosen and sanctified this House, that My Name may be there forever: and Mine eyes and Mine Heart shall be there perpetually.”

“And as for you, if you will walk before Me, as David your father walked, and do according to all that I have commanded you, and shall observe My Statutes and My Judgments;”

“Then will I establish the throne of your kingdom, according as I have covenanted with David your father, saying…”

“There shall not fail you a man to be ruler in Yahdaim.”

“But if you turn away, and forsake My Statutes and My Commandments, which I have set before you, and shall go and serve other gods, and worship them;”

“Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of My Land which I have given them; and this House, which I have sanctified for My Name, will I cast out of My Sight…”

“And will make it to be a proverb and a…”                           “byword among all nations.”

“And this house, which is high, shall be an astonishment to everyone that pass by it; so that he shall say…”

”Why has the Lord done this unto this land, and unto this house?”

              “And it shall be answered…”

“Because they forsook Yah of their fathers, which brought them forth out of the land of                                  “Mizrahyim…”

“And laid hold on other gods, and worshiped them, and served them…”

“Therefore has He brought all this evil upon                                          “Them!”


What this mean is that we worship “Yah” alone and…”





White man admits blacks are the real Hebrews

Israel: African Hebrew Leader Talks Jewish History and Black Lives Matter

This video below explains why all hurricanes originate off the coast of West Africa.

Because the hurricanes are following the route of the slave ships following the path of the true Hebrew People. The furious wrath of Almighty Yah!

The Hurricane Narrative


We do not worship any of the so called religions or deities of the world because… truth be told “ALL RELIGIONS”  and “ALL” deities of this world, belong, was created, and founded by the Serpent Beast known as Satan, Lucifer, the fallen Angel, the gods of this world the evil wicked…”                   


Hebrew people please know and understand…if you are now worshiping “EL” and the “Elohim” you are “NOT” worshiping..

The Almighty Creator of the heavens and earth, The King of the universe.

You are worshiping the fallen host of heaven, the fallen angeles.

They have deceived the whole world.

“LOOK!” This is the god “EL” whom you are still worshiping today when you pray to god “EL” of the “wicked Hebrew Israelites” that turn their backs on Yah to worship the same abomination that provoked Almighty Yah to anger at the real Mount Sinai…”


This is the exact location at the Real Mount Sinai that the wicked Israelites  turned their backs on Yah and worship their god “EL” Apis the Bull.

The Almighty Yah of host warned us about this wickedness in His Covenant;

Ten Commandments that He gave to us on the real Mount Sinai image below.



Commandment 1

“I am Yah your Father who brought you out of the land of Mitzarahyim out of the house of bondage.”

“You shall have no hinder Elohim at all in front of….


(fallen host of heaven, gods, Idols, “el apis” the bull, pope, lucifer, tammuz, jesus christ, allah, muhammad, etc.).

Commandment 2

“You shall not make for yourself any carved image…”

“or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the waters under the earth;”

“You shall not bow down to them nor serve them for I…Yah…”

“Your Father am a jealous Heavenly Father punishing the children for the iniquity of their father’s to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.”

“But showing love to thousands of those…who love Me…and keep My Commandments.”

Commandment 3

“You shall not take the Name of Yah your Father, to bring it to nothing for I will not hold him guiltless who brings dishonor upon…or profane…My Name.”

Commandment 4

“Observe the Sabbath Day…to keep it Set-Apart”

“As I Yah, your Father commanded you; Six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the Seventh Day is the Sabbath of Yah your Father.”

“In it you shall not do any work: You, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your ox, nor you donkey, nor any of your cattle, nor the stranger living within your gates…so your manservant and your maidservant may rest…as well as you.”

“Remember that you were a slave in the land of Mitzrahyim…and that I Yah, your Father brought you out from there by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm. Therefore!

I Yah, your Father commanded you to keep the Sabbath Day.”

Commandment 5

“Honor your father and your mother”

“As I Yah, your Father has commanded you…so your days may be long…and that it may be well with you in the land I.. Yah, your Father is giving you.”

Commandment 6

“You shall not murder”

Commandment 7

“You shall not commit adultery”

Commandment 8

“You shall not steal”

Commandment 9

“You shall not bear false witness;”

Commandment 10

“You shall not covet; your neighbor’s wife; and you shall not covet your neighbor’s house, his field, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox, his donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

These are the Laws Yah proclaimed in a loud voice to your whole congregation there on the… mountain…from the midst of the fire..the cloud… and the thick darkness; and He added nothing more.

Then He wrote them on two stone tablets…and gave them to Mosheh.

We the Yahdaim know that we love Yah with all of our heart.

Almighty Yah created us with only one heart One “Throne” beautifully made for us His “Set-Apart” people to place only ” Him” upon it forever.

The Laws Statues and Commandments was given only to the Yahdaim and no other nation on this earth.

The people of other nations of the world that love Yah must join themselves to us the Yahdaim The People of Yah.

“Only Yah is seated on the Throne of our hearts forever!!!”

We the Yahdaim are commanded to be a beacon of light unto all nations of the world.

We are to be “guiding lights”...to guide and point the way to our heavenly Father in truth and righteousness.

We are Set-Apart from all nations of the world.

We are the first born son of Yah the Almighty Creator of the heaven’s and earth.

Thus Said Yah!

Exodus 4: 22-23

And Yah said unto Mosheh…

“When you go to return into Mizrahyim, see that you do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in your hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.”

“And you shall say unto Pharaoh, Thus said Yah!

Yahdaim is my son, even my first born:”

“And I say unto you, let My son go, that he may serve Me: and if you refuse to let him go, behold! I will slay your son, even your firstborn.”

We the Yahdaim, are the Servant of Almighty Yah of Host.

IsaYah 41: 8-9

Thus Said Yah!

“But You Yahdaim are…”     


“Yahgob Whom I Have Chosen- The Seed of                             “Abraham My Friend.”

“You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called you from the farthest parts of it, and said to you;”

“You Are My Servant!”

“I Have Chosen You, And Not Cast You..”            “Away!”

We are The Servant’s of Almighty Yah!…We are His “Battle Axe!” And “Weapons of War!”

Thus Said Yah!

“You are My Battle Axe and weapons of war: for with you will I break in pieces the nations, and with you will I destroy kingdoms!”

We the Yahdaim are commanded to be a beacon of light unto…”

All Nations of The World!!!

We are to be guiding lights…to guide and point the way to our heavenly Father in truth and righteousness.

Thus Said Yah!

IsaYah 42:1-8


“Whom I uphold! My Elect One in Whom My Ruach delights! I have put My Ruach (spirit) upon him;”

“He will bring forth judgment to the..” “Gentiles!”

We are not part of the so called black Hebrew Israelite “EL” worshiping organizations, Masonic deceivers in disguise, that stand on street corners.

Their agenda is to deceive the masses and turn the hearts and minds of the people away from the truth!

Leroy Thompson – MONEY COMETH TO ME NOW!!

Leroy Thompson anointing money Creflo Dollar money rant

Why I reject the New Testament

Evidence Jesus comes from Tammuz


“Masonic Deceivers in Disguise!”

False Prophets will cry, and lift up their voices to be heard on the street.

They are not True Servants of The Most High.


ISRAEL... a Jewish  State/ land mass has nothing to do with Yah  the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth. And nothing to do with the Hebrews.

ISRAEL  has only been in existence since 1948, and only gives honor, praise and worship, to the Fallen Angeles, the ELOHIM ( the gods). ISRAEL is nothing more than a Jewish State.

Bull Apis “EL” the god of the….WICKED HEBREWS!!

EL = ( god singular) gives reference to god..the Fallen Ones..The Watchers.

“LOOK!!! ……The meaning of “EL” and “ELOHIM”


Strongs #6: Verb; a primitive root;




1)     perish, vanish, go astray, be destroyed 1a) (Qal) 1a1) perish, die, be exterminated 1a2) perish, vanish (fig.) 1a3) be lost, strayed 1b) (Piel) 1b1) to destroy, kill, cause to perish, to give up (as lost), exterminate 1b2) to blot out, do away with, cause to vanish, (fig.) 1b3) cause to stray, lose 1c) (Hiphil) 1c1) to destroy, put to death 1c1a) of divine judgment 1c2) object name of kings (fig.)



O’ Yahdaim !!!  You have been deceived in believing that the “EL” is honoring the most High Yah…the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth.

“You are not worshiping Yah! You are worshiping the same Mizrahyim (egypt) god, bull Apis (god) that the Yisra“EL”ites were worshiping at Mount Sinai that provoked Yah to wrath and furious anger!

The Image below is of the real location at Mount Sinai where the  Israelites placed their “EL” god to be worshiped.

The Hebrews today are still worshipping  the same god deity today when you call yourselves  “Israel.”

“EL” Bull Apis The  Antient Egyptian  God! 

ISRAEL  is a Jewish State came in existence on May 14,1948. Jerusalem as we know it today is the old city of Bethel.

The city were Jeroboam first King of the northern kingdom of Yisra“EL”, set up a golden calf to be worshiped as a god, by the  wicked Ysra“EL”ites.

The other city were a golden calf was placed was the city of Dan. King Jeroboam turned his back on Yah, The Almighty Creator of heavens and earth, and began to worship a Canaanite deity “EL” Apis The Bull.

ELOHIM = (gods plural-more than one) gives reference to the Fallen Ones, the Watchers.

ELOHIM… gives praise and worship to the mighty ones the created beings from heaven to earth came..THE WATCHERS….THE FALLEN ONES.

The way that you can tell is.”.EL”..is at the end of their names. ..The Fallen host of heaven.


Book of Enoch

And these are the names of their leaders: Samîazâz, their leader, Arâkîba, Râmêêl, Kôkabîêl, Tâmîêl, Râmîêl, Dânêl, Êzêqêêl, Barâqîjâl, Asâêl, Armârôs, Batârêl, Anânêl, Zaqîêl, Samsâpêêl, Satarêl, Tûrêl, Jômjâêl, Sariêl. These are their chiefs of tens.

NOTE:  That these names has ”EL” at the end of them that gives reference to the ELOHIM (gods), the mighty ones…the created beings, Fallen Angeles.



WARNING: When you call yourself…


“You are saying that you are the children of the “EL”  Apis the bull (god).. the “ELOHIM” (gods, fallen angeles).

The children of the mighty ones (gods) angeles, the fallen..host of heaven..the watchers…the fallen host of heaven…from heaven to earth came, and you are provoking..Abba Yah to wrath.. and furious anger.

Do not call Yah…”ELOHIM” that is not His Name…Yahdaim!

“I am sent to let you know of these abominations that provokes Yah to anger…and furious wrath!!”

ISRAEL… is nothing more than a Jewish State, so called.. that was invented by the Jewish people that now occupy our land. They are worshipers of Satan aka Lucifer. “EL”..as in “Helel.”


32 degree Co-Freemason

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

“And mother of New Age Movement stated that “Jesus”..the “holy spirit”…and “Lucifer”..are “One.”

Harold Rosenthal said….

“Most Jews want admit this, but Lucifer is our God. And we are his chosen people”….Harold Rosenthal from ‘The Hidden Tyranny, 1970. 

This was an interview with Walter White, who published it.  Rosenthal was later murdered.

Israeli woman Says Black People are the Real Jews: The Real Hebrew Isrealites


Psalms 83:

Do not remain silent, O Yah!  do not hold your peace…and do not be still O’ Father!

For behold! Your enemies cause a tumult, and Your haters lift up their head; against your people… they devise crafty plans, and conspire against those  whom You mercifully protect,  saying:



Truly they consult together with a single mind, they form an alliance  against...YOU!!!

The tents of Edom and the Ishmaylites, Moab and the Hagarites, Gebal; Ammon, Amalek, and Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre, Assyria also has joined them, to lend power to the descendants of Lot.

“For it is the..


“THE YEAR  OF RECOMPENSES  for the                              “Controversy of SION!!”

Crazy Flash Flooding in Miami!!! FL  

“Its streams will be turned into pitch, and its dust into brimstone, its land will become burning pitch!!”

Duluth  129 Year Old Israel Adas Synagogue  Destroyed In Massive Fire! 

San Jose synagogue destroyed by a fire!

Top 10 African Tribes Taken In The Atlantic Slave Trade


The entire kingdom of Edom was forced to convert to Judaism by John Hyrcanus and was known as Jews and no longer gentiles or Edomites from that point on.

This is the first instance of forcible conversion in Jewish history. The kingdom of Edom (joined with children of Esau) started falsely calling themselves “jews” in 110 BC.

This happened under the dynasty that came before Herod. The Jewish Encyclopaedia Vol. 5, p. 41 (1904): The Edomites “were incorporated into the Jewish nation, and their country was called by the Greeks and Romans ‘‘Idumea’.

The Encyclopaedia Judaica Vol. 6, p. 378: “John Hyrcanus” conquered the whole of Edom, and undertook the forced conversion of its inhabitants to Judaism”.

The historian Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews, 9/1) tells of the Idumeans (Edom) submitting “to the use of circumcision and the rest of the Jewish ways of living at which time therefore this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.

John Hyrcanus also changed the name of the City of Bethel. 

The name was changed toJerusalem as you know it today.

The city of “Bethel” is where King Jeroboam set up a golden calf “EL” Bull Apis and the Hebrew Yisra“EL”lites  worshiped and made sacrifices to this abomination.  The other city that Jeroboam set up another Golden calf for worship was the city of “Dan”.

City of Dan Image below

The Romans appointed Edom (that joined with the children of Esau that converted to Judaism) to high positions in Israel.

They were placed over the real “Hebrews” because Rome trusted them more.

That is why Herod was given authority over the children of Yahdaim . Herod was an Edomite  that converted to Judaism too.

Many of the Pharisees where also edomite converts who were given power over the children of Yahdaim by Romans.

The Most High said He hated Esau. Esau’s decedents  joined themselves with the Edomites.

Now we have historical proof that the entire nation of Edom  converted and started falsely calling themselves “Jews”.

In Jerusalem, a sudden sinkhole swallowed several cars | Giant sinkhole in Israel 2021

Israel’s Skin Cancer Rate 2nd Highest in the World!

Malachi 1:2-3,  “ Yahgob I have loved; But Esau I have hated.”

Now, the Khazars are another group of gentiles that converted many years later for political reasons.

They converted their kingdom to Judaism many years after descendants of Esau joined  themselves with the Edomites.

Now about the kingdom of Khazar.

The Jewish Encyclopedia:

“Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.”

Before the Khazar’s, a warlike people, converted to Judaism they were called..” 

“The people of the Serpent”

Kingdom of Khazaria, Eastern TourKia,

Khazar Khaganatec. 650- 969.

The American Peoples Encyclopedia… for 1954 at 15-292 records the following in reference to the Khazars: “In the year 740 A.D. the Khazars were officially converted to Judaism. A century later they were crushed by the incoming Slavic-speaking people and were scattered over central Europe where they were known as “Jews.”

The people living in the land who claim to be jews are not the blood (DNA) of Yahgob. 

If you think they are Hebrews, then please ask yourself what happened to all those powerful gentile kingdoms that converted?

They didn’t just die off. Their offspring is still here today calling themselves Jews.

The true Hebrew children are still scattered with the nations. .the so called “Negroes,” Afro-Americans, people of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The city in Israel today called “Jerusalem” (City of Bethel)

The book by Arthur Koestler- The Thirteenth Tribe

This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Ghengis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry.






“I am…YAH!!”



“And there is no other apart from..Me!!”


“There is no God!”

Englewood church destroyed by fire!!

  ( El, Elohim )

“I will strengthen you though you did not recognize that it was Me!”

“So they may know from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting that there is none beside…”


“I am Yah, and there is no other!!!”

“I form the light…and create darkness!”

“I make peace, and create destruction!”

“I Yah..do all these things.”

“Drop down, you heavens; from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness.”

“Let the earth be released; let salvation spring up, and let righteousness grow together!”

“I Yah…have created it!”


“I Am…YAH!!!” 

“Your Abba..from the land of Mitzarayim..”

“and you will acknowledge..”







“For I solemnly warned your fathers in the day I brought them up out of the land of Mitzrahyim until this day rising early and solemnly warning them…saying:”

  “OBEY MY VOICE!!!!””


The real Mount Sinai image below!

“Yet they did not obey nor did they pay attention…but everyone walked in the imagination; of their evil heart!!”


“I will bring upon them all the judgments of the covenant which…”

    “I commanded to perform but they did not!”

“A conspiracy is found among the men of Yahdah, and among the inhabitants of Yahrusalem! ”  

 “They have turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers who refuse to listen to My Laws and they have gone after the hinder elohim ( gods, fallen angeles) to serve them.” 

Serpent Beast!

The Elohim!


The evil wicked Temples of the Serpent Created by the Fallen Host of heaven!         “Demons!”




“Then the cities of Yahdah and the inhabitants of Yahrusalem will go and cry out to the elohim…””to whom they offer incense!!!”

“But they will not save them at all in the time of their trouble!!”

The Siege of Yahrusalem (70 AD)  Rome and Yahrusalem at War – The destruction of the  Hebrew Temple

The Siege of Yahrusalem in the year 70 CE was the decisive event of the First Hebrew–Roman War, in which the Roman army captured the city of Yahrusalem and destroyed both the city and its Temple. ‘

The Roman army, led by the future Emperor Titus, with Tiberius Julius Alexander as his second-in-command, besieged and conquered the city of Yahrusalem, which had been controlled by Judean rebel factions since 66 CE, following the Yahrusalem riots of 66, when the Judean provisional government was formed in Yahrusalem.

The siege of the city began on 14 April 70 CE, three days before the beginning of Passover that year.[3][4] The siege lasted for over four months, with the battle for the city lasting for close to another week after that. The siege ended on 30 August 70 CE,[5] with the burning and destruction of the Second Temple, and the Romans entered and sacked the Lower City.

The destruction of both the First and Second Temples is still mourned annually during the Hebrew fast on Tisha B’Av. The Arch of Titus, celebrating the Roman sack of Yahrusalem and the Temple, still stands in Rome. The conquest of the city was complete on 8 September 70 CE.

The real Hebrews are black! 100% proof that CANNOT be refuted

Aftermath of the Siege of Yahrusalem, and the destruction of the Temple, over one million Hebrew’s fled into northern Africa, out of Roman jurisdiction, fleeing  Roman persecution. The Hebrew’s, while in Africa was hunted down by the Africans and sold to the other nations as slaves.

The Atlantic slave trade or transatlantic slave trade took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 16th through to the 19th centuries.

The vast majority of slaves transported to the New World according to written history were NOT NATIVE AFRICANS from Central and Western and Eastern parts of the continent, in fact these people have been historically proven to be descendants of EARLY HEBREWS THAT HAD MIGRATED FROM ARABIA AND EGYPT AND ETHIOPIA into West Africa.

These people were attacked and sold by NATIVE AFRICAN TRIBES and Muslims to European slave traders who then transported them to North and South and Central America. To further prove this statement I have obtained written records from Arab and Muslim writers and also medieval African maps written in the 17th century by the conquering Europeans.

In the maps are shown geographical locations of Hebrew cities and Kingdoms that were later taken into Slavery. The First medieval African Map was Performed by the Sr. Danville Under the Patronage of the Duke of Orleans.” Revised and Improved by Mr.Bolton(1766)

from each other. Their inhabitants, as people of those parts relate, are JEWS, and most of them unbelieving and ignorant” AL Edrisi Of Andalusia,Spain Description of CENTRAL AFRICA

“When any of all the inhabitants of the kingdom of Lamlam comes to have the use of his reason, he is burnt in the face and temples ; this they do to distinguish each other. All their countries and dominions are near a certain river (Niger River), flowing into the Nile.

It is not known whether there is any inhabited place to the south of the kingdom of Lamlam. That kingdom joins on the west to Mec- zara, on the east to Vancara (Wanagara), on the north to Ghana, and on the south to the desert ; and its people use a different language from those of Meczara and Ghana” —AL Edrisi Of Andalusia,Spain Description of CENTRAL AFRICA

Al Edrisi mentioned that Hebrews inhabited a area that stretched from an area called Mec- zara, on the east to Vancara (Wanagara), on the north to Ghana, and on the south to the desert. I have a close up look at the area that Edrisi is referring to.

Outlined in RED Reads: According to Edrisi the land hereabouts was populated by Hebrews.

Too the far Right of the map, There existed a Hebrew Kingdom of Exiled Falafjam or Falasha Jews Called SHANKALA Here was the location of SHANKALA on D’Anville Map of Africa.


BY   Al Edrisi

Al Edrisi also mentioned that the Hebrews that inhabited this area and the adjacent cites called Malel and Dau were being attacked by native African tribes and sent to Slave Traders and then sent to Slave Trading centers and then TRADED TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD.

“To the southward of Berissa, at the distance of ten days’ march, lies the land of Lam-lam, into which INCURSIONS are made by the inhabitants of Berissa(Mende), Salla, Takrur( Fulani) , and Ghana ; there they take numbers of captives, whom they carry away to their own countries, and dispose of to the merchants trading thither ; these afterwards sell them into all parts of the world”.——AL Edrisi Of Andalusia,Spain Description of CENTRAL AFRICA

Another medieval African Map by Eman Bowen 1747 called Negroland shows
upper Guinea and the adjacent countries if you look close towards Guinea to the right of the Gold coast lies the Hebrew kingdom of JUDA of in French it was called Whidah.

To further prove this statement here is a quote from a scholar named J.Leighton Wilson from the book called J.Leighton Wilson Western Africa its history, condition and prospects 1856

“Whether the natives of the country have the Hebrew distinction between diaboloi and daimonia in Northern Guinea is not certainly known, but the inhabitants of Southern Guinea undoubtedly have.”—-J. Leighton Wilson Western Africa its history, condition and prospects 1856 p 216

“Mixed up with these pagan nations and customs there are many obvious traces of Judaism, both in Northern and Southern Guinea ; and in the latter, some undoubted traces of a corrupted form of Christianity, which have probably traveled across the continent from ancient Ethiopia, where Christianity was once firmly established.”— J. Leighton Wilson Western Africa its history, condition and prospect p 220.

Muslim writers to write about the Hebrews in Africa and the enslavement of the Hebrews in Africa

One 15th century Hebrew writer named Leo Africanus was an Andalusian Moorish diplomat and author who is best known for his book Descrittione dell’Africa. In this book he wrote about a POWERFUL HEBREW KINGDOM in the 15th century. This kingdom was located to the right of the Egyptian Nile River. Here is his quote from his book:

“Howbeit they say that upon Nilus do inhabit two great
and populous nations, one of Jews towards the west, under the government of a mightie king.” Leo Africanus: The Description of Africa Vol 1 p 32

This Hebrew Kingdom with a mightie king to the right of the Nile river was called Kouko

Here is the Kingdom Kouko from the medieval African Map Performed by the Sr. Danville

Leo Africanus As a young man accompanied his uncle on a diplomatic mission to the Maghreb, reaching as far as the city of Timbuktu (c. 1510), then part of the Songhai Empire.

In his book entitled Descrittione dell’ Africa (Description of Africa) Leo Africanus wrote about the HATRED that the Native Africans had against HEBREWS that lived in West Africa about 500 yrs ago.

This is what he wrote while on his travels into WEST AFRICA in 1526:

“In Garura there were some very rich Jews. The intervention of the preacher (Muhammid al-Maghili) of Tlemcen set up the pillage of their goods, and most of them have been killed by the population. This event took place during the same year when the Jews had been expelled from Spain and Sicily by the Catholic King(1492- 16th Century)

Leo Africanus further wrote:

“The king (Askia) is a declared enemy of the Jews. He will not allow any to live in the city. If he hears it said that a Berber merchant frequents them or does business with them, he confiscates his goods.

Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa

HEBREWS were in Ancient America – SOLID Evidence

Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America – African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa


We made a covenant…with Yah alone and no one else. Yah is the King of the Universe and He will raise up our eternal King Dawid (David) to rule this whole earth!

Yah created us with only one heart because in our heart there is only one Throne to place on it whatever we want to worship or serve…and there can be ONLY one seated on this Throne in our heart.

We the end time remnant of Yah only rightfully chose the King of the Universe Almighty Yah of host, and HE is seated on the Throne of our hearts…..FOREVER!!!!

Everyone must choose who, are what deity to place on that Throne please don’t be deceived.

Your new testament has many man gods that you Hebrew’s are serving and worshiping and loving…so very much that you totally forgot about the eternal words of Yah!!

Well ..all of you are marked with a mark for destruction….because you are not listening to Yah!!

I would like to clear up one more thing to stop all this fighting among our Hebrew people.

 I am revering to some calling the Name of The Creator AHAYAH = AH-THE YAH!!! so when you say AHAYAH you are calling yourself  YAH!

You can say HAYAH = THE YAH or YAH!! that is His set-apart Name. This is directed at you and all the Hebrew’s that happen to read the post.



Last Words of The Yahdaim




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Thousands of houses went underwater! The worst flood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia November 24, 2022


NATURAL DISASTERS!!! from сlimate changе! Flood November 12- 18, 2022


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Inside the tornado! Hundreds of people are homeless in Pekalongan, Jawa, Indonesia November 7, 2022

Chapter 30:23-24

Behold!!!  The whirlwind of Yah goes forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked!

The fierce anger of Yah shall not return, until He have done it, and until He have performed the intents of His Heart: in the latter days you shall consider it.

Chapter 1:2

Yah is jealous, and Yah revenge; and is furious; Yah will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserve wrath for his enemies.

Religion in Venezuela


More than 14,000 houses are affected by landslides and floods! in Anzoategui, Venezuela!!! October 5, 2022

Venezuela!!! Landslide turns streets into rivers of mud and water!


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                           INSPIRING!!!                                       LAST WORDS OF THE YAHDAIM BLOODLINE 12 TRIBAL FATHERS!

We Are The Yahdaim!!!

We are the True Seed of Yahgob, the True Hebrew’s. We are the True endtime Remnant of  Yah!!! The Almighty Creator of heavens and earth.

WE THE YAHDAIM, worship YAH alone and Only Him do we serve. We the YAHDAIM, are called by The NAME OF YAH!!!.

                                   INSPIRING!!!                            LAST WORDS OF THE YAHDAIM BLOODLINE 12 TRIBAL FATHERS!



Last Words of Yahdaim 12 Bloodline Fathers

Each Is Here To Tell His Life Story!

When he is on his deathbed he calls all his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren about him…and proceeds without reservation to…”

Warn, and lay bare his Life experiences for the righteous moral guidance of his Set-Apart Tribal Blood Line.

If he fell into iniquity he tells all about it and then warns and counsels them not to err as he did.

If he was righteous, he shows what rewards were his.

If he made an err in unrighteousness, and transgressed the Law of Yah…he then warns of the consequences, and the importance of repentance.


The First-Born Son of Yahgob and Leah.

Reuben, the first-born son of Yahgob and Leah. The man of experience counsels against fornication and points out the ways in which Tribal men are most apt to fall into error.

The Last Words of Reuben, even the commands which he gave his sons before he died in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life.

Two years after the death of Yoseph his brother, when Reuben fell ill, his sons and his sons’ sons were gathered together to visit him.

And he said to them…

“My children, behold!…I am dying, and go the way of my fathers.”

And seeing there Yahdah, and Gad, and Asher, his brethren, he said to them:

“Raise me up that I may tell to my brethren and to my children what things I have hidden in my heart…”

“For Behold!.. Now at length I am passing away.”

And he arose and kissed them, and said unto them:

“Hear…my brethren, and do you my children, give ear to Reuben your father, in the commands which I give unto you.”

“And Behold!! I call to witness against you this day Yah of heaven…that you walk not in the wickedness of youth and fornication, wherein I was poured out, and defiled the bed of my father Yahgob.”

“And I tell you that He struck me with a sore plague in my loins for seven months; and had not my father Yamb prayed for me to Yah…”

“Yah would have destroyed me.”

“For I was thirty years old when I worked the evil thing before Yah, and for seven months I was sick unto death.”

“And after this I repented with set purpose of my soul for seven years before Yah.”

“And wine and strong drink I drank not, and flesh entered not into my mouth, and I ate no pleasant food…”

“But I mourned over my wickedness…for it was great, such as had not been in Yahrusalem!”

“And now hear me, my children, what things I saw concerning the seven spirits of deceit…”

“When I Repented.”

“Seven spirits therefore are appointed against man, and they are the leaders in the works of youth.”

“And seven other spirits are given to him at his creation…that through them should be done every work of man.”

“The first is the spirit of life…”

“With which the constitution of man is created.”

“The second is the sense of sight…”

“With which arise desire.”

“The third is the sense of hearing…”

“With which come teaching.”

“The fourth is the sense of smell…”

“With which tastes are given to draw air and breath.”

“The fifth is the power of speech…”

“With which come knowledge.”

“The sixth is the sense of taste…”

with which come the eating of meats and drinks; and by it strength is produced, for in food is the foundation of strength.”

“The seventh is the power of procreation and sexual intercourse…”

“With which through love of pleasure wickedness enter in.”

“Wherefore it is the last in order of creation…and the first in that of youth, because it is filled with ignorance, and lead the youth as a blind man to a pit, and as a beast to a precipice.”

“Besides all these there is an eight spirit of sleep…”

 “With which is brought about the trance of nature and the of death.”

“With these spirits are mingled the spirits of error.”

“First…is the spirit of fornication…”

“Is seated in the nature and in the senses;”

“The second…the spirit of insatiableness…”

“In the belly;”

“The third…the spirit of fighting…”

In the liver and gall.”

“The fourth…is the spirit of obedience and deception…”

“That through officious attention one may be fair in seeming.”

“The fifth…is the spirit of pride…”

“That one may be boastful and arrogant.”

“The sixth…is the spirit of lying…”

“In perdition and jealousy to practice deceits, and concealment’s from kindred and friends.”

“The seventh…is the spirit of injustice…”

“With which are thefts and acts of satisfaction of greed, that a man may fulfill the desire of his heart…”

“For injustice work together with the other spirits by the taking of gifts.”

“And with all these the spirit of sleep Is” “joined.”

“Which is that of error and fantasy.”

“And so perish every young man, darkening his mind from the truth, and not understanding the Law of Yah, nor obeying the admonitions of his fathers, as befell me also in my youth.”

“And now, my children, love the truth, and it will preserve you: hear you the words of Reuben your father.”

“Pay no heed to the face of a woman…”

“Nor associate with another man’s wife…”

“Nor meddle with affairs of womankind.”

“For had I…not seen Bilhah bathing in a covered place…”

“I had not fallen into this great iniquity.”

“For my mind taking in the thought of the woman’s nakedness…”

“Suffered me not to sleep until I had worked the abominable thing.”

“For while Yahgob our father had gone to Isaac his father, when we were in Eder, near to Ephrath in Bethlehem, Bilhah became drunk…”

“And was asleep uncovered in her chamber.”

“Having therefore gone in and beheld her nakedness…”

“I worked the impiety without her perceiving it, and leaving her sleeping departed.”

“And immediately an Malak (angel) of Yah…”


“Revealed to my father concerning my impiety…and he came and mourned over me, and I touched her no more.”


“Pay no heed, therefore, my children, to the beauty of women, nor set your mind-on their affairs; but walk in singleness of heart in the fear of Yah…”

“And expend labor on good works, and on study and on your flocks, until Yah give you a wife, whom He will, that you suffer not as I did.”

“For until my father’s death I had not boldness to look in his face, or to speak to any of my brethren, because of the reproach.”

“Even until now my conscience cause me anguish on account of my impiety.”

“And yet my father comforted me much, and prayed for me unto Yah…that the anger of Yah might pass from me, even as Yah showed.”

“And thenceforth until now I have been on my guard and transgressed not.”

“Therefore, my children…”

“I say unto you, observe all things whatsoever I command you…and you shall not transgress.”

“For a pit unto the soul is the wickedness of fornication, separating it from Yah, and bringing it near to idols…”

“Because it deceive the mind and understanding, and lead down young men into Hades before their time.”

“For many have fornication destroyed; because, though a man be old or noble, or rich or poor…he bring reproach upon himself with the sons of men and derision with Satan.”

“For you heard regarding Yoseph how he guarded himself from a woman…”

“And purged his thoughts from all fornication, and found favor in the sight of Yah and men.”

“For the Mizrahyim (Egyptian) woman did many things unto him, and summoned magicians, and offered him love potions, but the purpose of his soul admitted no evil desire.”

“Therefore Yah of your fathers delivered him from every evil and hidden death.”

“For if fornication overcomes not your mind, neither can Satan overcome you.”

“For evil are women, my children; and since they have no power or strength over man…”

“They use wiles by outward…” “attractions…”
“That they may draw him to…”

“And whom they cannot bewitch by outward attractions, him they overcome by craft.”

“For moreover, concerning them, the angel of Yah told me, and taught me…”

“That women are overcome by the spirit of fornication…”

“More than men…”

“And in their heart they plot against men…”

“And by means of their adornment they deceive first their minds…”

“And by the glance of the eye instill the poison…”

“And then through the accomplished act they take them captive.”

“For a woman cannot force a man openly, but by a harlot’s bearing she beguiles him.”

“Flee, therefore, fornication, my children, and command your wives and your daughters, that they adorn not their heads and faces to deceive the mind…”

“Because every woman who use these wiles have been reserved for eternal punishment.”

“For thus they allured the Watchers  who were before the flood…”

“For as these continually beheld them, they lusted after them, and they conceived the act in their mind…”

“For they changed themselves into the shape of men…”

“And appeared to them when they were with their husbands.”

“And the women lusting in their minds after their forms, gave birth to giants…”

“For the Watchers appeared to them as reaching even unto heaven.”

“Beware, therefore, of fornication…”

“And if you wish to be pure in mind, guard your senses from every woman.”

“And command the women likewise not to associate with men, that they also may be pure in mind.”

“For constant meetings, even though the unrighteous deed be not worked, are to them an irremediable disease, and to us a destruction of Satan and an eternal reproach.”

“For in fornication there is neither understanding nor righteousness…”

“And all jealousy dwell in the lust thereof.”

“Therefore, then I say unto you, you will be jealous against the sons of Levi, and will seek to be exalted over them; but you shall not be able.”

“For Yah will avenge them, and you shall die by an evil death.”

“For to Levi Yah gave the sovereignty and to Yahdah with him and to me also, and to Dan and Yoseph, that we should be for rulers.”

“Therefore!.. I command you to listen to Levi, because he shall know the Law of Yah, and shall give ordinances for judgement and shall sacrifice for all Yahdaim until the consummation of the times, as the anointed High Priest of whom Yah spoke.”

“I command you by Yah of heaven to do truth each one unto his neighbor and to entertain love each one for his brother.”

“And draw you near to Levi in humbleness, of heart, that you may receive an increase from his mouth.”

“For he shall honor Yahdaim and Yahdah, because him have Yah chosen to be King over all the nation.”

“And bow down before his seed, for on our behalf it will die in wars visible and invisible, and will be among you an eternal King.”

And Reuben died, having given these commands to his sons.

And they placed him in a coffin until they carried him up from Mizrahyim, and buried him in Hebron in the cave where his father was.



The Second Son of Yahgob and Leah.

Simeon, the second son of Yahgob and Leah. The strong man. He becomes jealous of Yoseph and is an instigator of the plot against Yoseph.

The last words of Simeon, the things which he spoke to his sons before he died, in the hundred and twentieth year of his life, at which time Yoseph, his brother, died.

For when Simeon was sick, his sons came to visit him…”

And he strengthened himself and sat up and kissed them, and said:…

“Listen…my children, to Simeon your father and I will declare unto you what things I have in my heart.”

“I was born of Yahgob as my father’s second son; and my mother Leah called me Simeon…”

“Because Yah had heard her prayer.”

“Moreover I became strong exceedingly; I shrank from no achievement nor was I afraid of moral obligation.”

“For my heart was hard, and my liver was immovable, and my bowels without compassion.”

“Because valor also has been given from the Most High to men in soul and body.”

“For in the time of my youth I was jealous in many things of Yoseph…because my father loved him beyond all.”

“And I set my mind against him to destroy him because the prince of deceit sent forth the spirit of jealousy and blinded my mind…”

“So that I regarded him not as a brother, nor did I spare even Yahgob my father.”

“But Yah of his father’s sent forth His Malak (angel), and delivered him out of my hands.”

“For when I went to Shechem to bring ointment for the flocks, and Reuben to Dothan, where were our necessaries and all our stores…”

“Yahdah my brother sold him to the Ishmaelite’s.”

“And when Reuben heard these things he was grieved, for he wished to restore him to his father.”

“But on hearing this…I was exceedingly wroth against Yahdah in that he let him go away alive, and for five months I continued wrathful against him.”

“But Yah restrained me, and withheld from me the power of my hands; for my right hand was half withered for seven days.”

“And I knew, my children, that because of Yoseph this had befallen me, and I repented and wept; and I besought Yah that my hand might be restored and that I might hold aloof from all pollution and envy and from all folly.”

“For I knew that I had devised an evil thing before Yah and Yahgob my father, on account of Yoseph my brother, in that I envied him.”

 “And now, my children, hearken unto me and beware of the spirit of deceit and envy.”

“For envy rule over the whole mind of a man, and suffer him neither to eat nor to drink, nor to do any good thing.”

“But it ever suggest to him to destroy him that he envied; and so long as he that is envied flourish, he that envied fade away.”

“Two years therefore I afflicted my soul with fasting in the fear of Yah, and I learnt that deliverance from envy come by the fear of Yah.”

“For if a man flee to Yah…the evil spirit run away from him and his mind is lightened.”

“And henceforward he sympathized with him whom he envied and forgive those who are hostile to him, and so cease from his envy.”

“And my father asked concerning me, because he saw that I was sad; and I said unto him…”

“I am pained in my liver.”

“For I mourned more than they all, because I was guilty of the selling of Yoseph.”

“And when we went down into Mizrahyim, and he bound me as a spy…

“I knew that I was suffering justly, and I grieved not.”

“Now Yoseph was a good man, and had the Ruach (spirit) of Yah within him:”

“Being compassionate and pitiful, he bore no malice against me; but loved me even as the rest of his brethren.”

“Beware, therefore, my children, of all jealousy and envy, and walk in singleness of heart…that Yah may give you also favor and honor, and increase upon your heads, even as you saw in Yoseph’s case.”

“All his days he reproached us not concerning this thing, but loved us as his own soul, and beyond his own sons honored us, and gave us riches, and cattle and fruits.”

“Do you also, my children, love each one his brother with a good heart, and the spirit of envy will withdraw from you.”

“For this make savage the soul and destroy the body; it cause anger and war in the mind…”

“And stir up unto deeds of blood, and lead the mind into frenzy, and cause tumult to the soul and trembling to the body.”

“For even in sleep malicious jealousy gnaw, and with wicked spirits disturb the soul, and cause the body to be troubled, and wake the mind from sleep in confusion…”

“And as a wicked and poisonous spirit, so appear it to men.”

“Therefore was Yoseph comely in appearance, and goodly to look upon, because no wickedness dwelt in him; for some of the trouble of the spirit the face manifest.”

“And now, my children, make your hearts good before Yah, and your ways straight before men, and you shall find favor before Yah and men.”

“Beware, therefore, of fornication, for fornication is mother of all evils, separating from Yah, and bringing near to Satan.”

“For I have seen it inscribed in the writing of Enoch that your sons shall be corrupted in fornication…and shall do harm to the sons of Levi with the sword.”

“But they shall not be able to withstand Levi; for he shall wage the war of Yah…and shall conquer all your hosts.”

“And they shall be few in number, divided in Levi and Yahdah, and there shall be none of you for sovereignty, even as also our father prophesied in his increase.”

A prophecy of the coming  Anointed King David!

“Behold!.. I have told you all things, that I may be acquitted of your wickedness.”

“Now, if you remove from you your envy and all stiff-neckedness…”

“As a rose shall my bones flourish in Yahdaim, and as a lily my flesh in Yahgob, and my odor shall be as the odor of Libanus; and as cedars shall be multiplied from me for ever, and their branches shall stretch afar off.”

“Then shall perish the seed of Canaan, and a remnant shall not be unto Amalek, and all the Cappadocians shall perish, and all Hittites shall be utterly destroyed.”

 “Then shall fail the land of Ham, and all the people shall perish.”

“Then shall all the earth rest from trouble, and all the world under heaven from war.”

 Then the Mighty One of Yahdaim shall honor Shem!

“Then shall all the spirits of deceit be given to be trodden under foot, and men shall, rule over wicked spirits.”

“Then shall I arise in happiness and will honor the Most High because of His marvelous works.”

“And now, my children, and Yahdah, and obey Levi and Yahdah, and be not lifted up against these two tribes, for from them shall arise unto you the salvation of Yah.”

“For Yah shall raise up from Levi as it were a High Priest, and from Yahdah as it were a King (King Dawid), Yah and man, He shall save all the race of Yahdaim.”

“Therefore I give you these commands that you also may command your children…that they may observe them throughout their generations.”

 “And when Simeon had made an end of commanding his sons, he slept with fathers, an hundred and twenty years old.”

And they laid him in a wooden coffin, to take up his bones to Hebron. And they took them up secretly during a war of the people of Mizrahyim. For the bones of Yoseph the people of Mizrahyim guarded in the tombs of the kings.

For the sorcerers told them, that on the departure of the bones of Yoseph there should be throughout all the land darkness and gloom, and an exceeding great plague to the people of Mizrahyim, so that even with a lamp a man should not recognize his brother.

 And the sons of Simeon bewailed their father.

And they were in Mizrahyim until the day of their departure by the hand of Mosheh.



The Third Son of Yahgob and Leah.

Levi, the third son of Yahgob and Leah. A dreamer of dreams, a prophet.

The words of Levi, the things which he ordained unto his sons, according to all that they should do, and what things should befall them until the day of judgement.

He was sound in health when he called them to him; for it had been revealed to him that he should die.

And when they were gathered together he said to them:

 “I…Levi, was born in Haran, and I came with my father to Shechem.

“And I was young, about twenty years of age, when, with Simeon, I wrought vengeance on Hemor for our sister Dinah.”

“And when I was feeding the flocks in Abel-Maul, the Ruach of understand of Yah came upon me, and I saw all men corrupting their way, and that unrighteousness had built for itself walls, and lawlessness sat upon towers.”

“And I was grieving for the race of the sons of men, and I prayed to Yah that I might be saved.”

“Then there fell upon me a sleep, and I beheld a high mountain, and I was upon it.”

“And behold the heavens were opened, and an Malak (angel) of Yah said to me…”


“And I entered from the first heaven, and I saw there a great sea hanging.”

“And further I saw a second heaven far brighter and more brilliant, for there was a boundless light also therein…”

“And I said to the Malak…”

“Why is this so?”

“And the Malak said to me…”

“Marvel not at this, for you shall see another heaven more brilliant and incomparable.”

“And when you has ascended toward, You shall stand near Yah, and shall be His minister, and shall, declare His mysteries to men, and shall proclaim concerning Him that shall redeem Yahdaim.”

“And by you and Yahdah shall Yah appear among men…”

“Saving every race of men!”

“And from Yah’s portion shall be your life, and He shall be your field and vineyard, and fruits, gold, and silver.”

“Hear, therefore, regarding the heavens which have been shown to you.”

“The lowest is for this cause gloomy unto you, in that it beholds all the unrighteous deeds of men.”

“And it has fire, snow, and ice made ready for the Day of Judgement, in the righteous judgement of Yah…”

“For in it are all the spirits of the retributions for vengeance on men.”

“And in the second are the hosts Of the armies which are ordained for the Day of Judgement…”

“To work vengeance on the spirits of deceit and of Satan.”

 “And above them are the pious ones.”

” And in the highest of all dwell the Great Honor…far above all  reverence.” 

In the heaven next to it are the archangels…”

“Who minister and make propitiation to Yah for all the iniquity of ignorance of the righteous;”

“Offering to Yah…a sweet smelling savor, a reasonable and a bloodless offering.”

“And in the heaven below this are the Malakim (angels) who bear answers to the Malakim of the presence of Yah.”

“And in the heaven next to this are thrones and dominions, in which always they offer…”

                              “Praise to Yah!”

“When, therefore, Yah looked upon us, all of us are shaken; yea, the heavens, and the earth, and the abysses are shaken at the presence of…”

“His Majesty!!”

The Real Mount Sinai image below….Still All Burnt Up Today!

“But the sons of men, having no perception of these things, transgress and provoke the Most High.”

“NOW!.. Therefore, know that Yah shall execute judgement upon the sons of men.”

“Because when the rocks are being rent, and the sun quenched, and the waters dried up, and the fire cowering, and all creation troubled…”

“And the invisible spirits melting away, and Hades take spoils through the visitations of the Most High, men will be unbelieving and persist in their iniquity.”

“On this account with punishment shall they be judged?”

“Therefore the Most High have heard your prayer, to separate you from iniquity, and that you should become to Him a son, and a servant, and a minister of His presence.”

“The light of knowledge shall you light up in Yahgob…”

“And as the sun shall you be to all the seed of Yahdaim.”

“And there shall be given to you an increase, and to all your seed until Yah shall visit the Gentiles in His tender mercies for ever.”

“And therefore there have been given to you counsel and understanding, that you might instruct your sons concerning this;”

“Because they that honor Him shall be honored, and they that curse Him shall perish.”

“And thereupon the Malak (angel) opened to me the gates of heaven…”

“And I saw the Temple, and upon a Throne of Honor the Most High.”

“And He said to me…”

“Levi!!! I have given you the increase of the priesthood until I come and sojourn in the midst of Yahdaim!”

“Then the angel brought me down to the earth, and gave me a shield and a sword,                           and said to me…”

“Execute vengeance on Shechem because of Dinah, your sister, and I will be with you because Yah has sent me.”

“And I destroyed at that time the sons of Hamor, as it is written in the heavenly tables.”

“And I said to him…”

“I pray you, O’ Lord…tell me Your Name, that I may call upon You in a day of tribulation.”

“And he said:…”

“I am the Malak who intercede for the Nation of Yahdaim that they may not be smitten utterly…”

“For every evil spirit attack it.”

“And after these things I awaked, and praised the Most High, and the Malak who interceded for the nation of Yahdaim and for all the righteous.”

“And when I was going to my father, I found a brazen shield; wherefore also the name of the mountain is Aspis, which is near Gebal, to the south of Abila.”

“And I kept these words in my heart. And after this I counselled my father, and Reuben my brother, to bid the sons of Hamor not to be circumcised…”

“For I was zealous because of the abomination which they had wrought on my sister.”

“And I slew Shechem first, and Simeon slew Hamor. And after this my brothers came and smote that city with the edge of the sword.

“And my father heard these things and was wroth, and he was grieved in that they had received the circumcision, and after that had been put to death, and in his increase he looked amiss upon us.

“For we transgressed because we had done this thing against his will, and he was sick on that day.”

“But I saw that the sentence of Yah was for evil upon Shechem; for they sought to do to Sarah and Rebecca as they had done to Dinah our sister, but Yah prevented them.”

“And they persecuted Abraham our father when he was a stranger, and they vexed his flocks when they were big with young; and Eblaen, who was born in his house, they most shamefully handled.”

“And thus they did to all strangers, taking away their wives by force, and they banished them.”

“But the wrath of Yah came upon them to the uttermost.”

“And I said to my father Yahgob: By you will Yah despoil the Canaanites, and will give their land to you and to your seed after you.”

“For from this day forward shall Shechem be called a city of imbeciles; for as a man mock a fool, so did we mock them.”

“Because also they had wrought folly in Yahdaim by defiling my sister. And we departed and came to Bethel.”

“And there again I saw a vision as the former, after we had spent there seventy days.”

“And I saw seven men in white raiment saying unto me…”

“Arise, put on the robe of the priesthood, and the crown of righteousness, and the breastplate of understanding…”

“And the garment of truth, and the late of promise, and the turban of the head, and the ephod of prophecy.”

“And they severally carried these things and put them on me, and said unto me: From henceforth become a priest of Yah, you and your seed for ever.”

“And the first anointed me with oil, and gave to me the staff of judgement.”

“The second washed me with pure. water, and fed me with bread and wine even the most Set-Apart things, and clad me with a robe.”

“The third clothed me with a linen vestment like an ephod.”

“The fourth put round me a girdle like unto purple.”

 “The fifth gave me a branch of rich olive.”

 “The sixth placed a crown on my head.”

“The seventh placed on my head a diadem of priesthood, and filled my hands with incense, that I might serve as priest to Yah.”

“And they said to me: Levi, your seed shall be divided into three offices, for a sign of the Honor…Yah who is to come.”

“And the first portion shall be great; yea, greater than it shall none be.”

 “The second shall be in the Priesthood.”

“And the third shall be called by a new name, because a King (King Dawid) shall arise in Yahdah, and shall establish a new Priesthood, after the fashion of the Yahdaim.”

“And His presence is beloved, as a prophet of the Most High, of the seed of Abraham our father.”

“Therefore, every desirable thing in Yahdaim shall be for you and for your seed, and you shall eat everything fair to look upon, and the Table of Yah shall your seed apportion.”

“And some of them shall be high priests, and judges, and scribes; for by their mouth shall the Set-Apart place be guarded.”

“And when I awoke…I understood that this dream was like the first dream. And I hid this also in my heart, and told it not to any man upon the earth.”

“And after two days I and Yahdah went up with our father Yahgob to Isaac our father’s father.”

“And my father’s father honored me according to all the words of the visions which I had seen. And he would not come with us to Bethel.”

“And when we came to Bethel, my father saw a vision concerning me, that I should be their priest unto Yah.”

“And he rose up early in the morning, and paid tithes of all to Yah through me. And so we came to Hebron to dwell there.”

“And Isaac called me continually to put me in remembrance of the Law of Yah, even as the Malak (angel) of Yah showed unto me.”

“And he taught me the Law of the priesthood of sacrifices, whole burnt-offerings, first-fruits, freewill-offerings, peace-offerings.”

“And each day he was instructing me, and was busied on my behalf before Yah, and said to me…”

“Beware of the spirit of fornication; for this shall continue and shall by your seed pollute the Set-Apart place.”

“Take, therefore, to yourself a wife without blemish or pollution, while yet you are young, and not of the race of strange nations.”

“And before entering into the Set-Apart place, bathe; and when you offer the sacrifice, wash; and again, when you finish the sacrifice, wash.”

 “Of twelve trees having leaves offer to Yah, as Abraham taught me also.

“And of every clean beast and bird offer a sacrifice to Yah.”

“And of all your first-fruits and of wine offer the first, as a sacrifice to Yah; and every sacrifice you shall salt with salt.”

“Now, therefore, observe whatsoever I command you, children; for whatsoever things I have heard from my fathers I have declared unto you.”

“And behold I am clear from your unrighteousness and transgression, which you shall commit in the end of the ages against Yah, acting unrighteous, deceiving Yahdaim, and stirring up against it great evils from Yah.”

“And you shall deal lawlessly together with Yahdaim, so He shall not bear with Yahrusalem because of your wickedness; but the veil of the Temple shall be rent, so as not to cover your shame.”

“And you shall be scattered as captives among the Gentiles, and shall be for a reproach and for a curse there.”

Atlantic slave trade


 For the house which Yah shall choose shall be called Yahrusalem, as is contained in the book of Enoch the righteous.

“Therefore when I took a wife I was twenty-eight years old, and her name was Melcha.”

“And she conceived and bare a son, and I called his name Gersam, for we were sojourners in our land.”

“And I saw concerning him, that he would not be in the first rank.”

“And Kohath was born in the thirty-fifth year of my life, towards sunrise.”

“And I saw in a vision that he was standing on high in the midst of all the congregation.”

“Therefore I called his name Kohath which is, beginning of majesty and instruction.”

“And she bare me a third son, in the fortieth year of my life; and since his mother bare him with difficulty…”

“I called him Merari, that is, ‘my bitterness,’ because he also was like to die.”

“And Yochebed was born. in Mizrahyim, in my sixty-fourth year, for I was renowned then in the midst of my brethren.”

“And Gersam took a wife, and she bare to him Lomni and Semei. And the sons of Kohath, Ambram, Issachar, Hebron, and Ozeal. And the sons of Merari, Mooli, and Mouses.”

“And in the ninety-fourth year Ambram took Yochebed my daughter to him to wife, for they were born in one day, he and my daughter.”

“Eight years old was I when I went into the land of Canaan, and eighteen years when I slew Shechem, and at nineteen years I became priest…”

“And at twenty-eight years I took a wife, and at forty-eight I went into Mizrahyim.”

“And behold, my children, you are a third generation. In my hundred and eighteenth year Yoseph died.”

“And now…my children, I command you: Fear Yah with your whole heart, and walk in simplicity according to all His Law.”

“And do you also teach your children letters, that they may have understanding all their life, reading unceasingly the Law of Yah.”

“For every one that know the Law of Yah shall be honored…and shall not be a stranger whatsoever he go.”

“Yea, many friends shall he gain more than his parents, and many men shall desire to serve him, and to hear the Law from his mouth.”

“Work righteousness, therefore, my children, upon the earth, that you may have it as a treasure in heaven.”

“And sow good things in your souls, that you may find them in your life.”

“But if you sow evil things, you shall reap every trouble and affliction.”

“Get wisdom in the fear of Yah with diligence; for though there be a leading into captivity, and cities and lands be destroyed, and gold and silver and every possession perish…”

“The wisdom of the wise none can take away, save the blindness of unrighteousness, and the callousness that comes of wickedness.”

“For if one keep oneself from these evil things, then even among his enemies shall wisdom be a honor to him, and in a strange country a fatherland, and in the midst of foes shall prove a friend.”

“Whosoever teaches noble things and does them, shall be enthroned with kings, as was also Yoseph my brother.”

“Therefore, my children, I have learnt that at the end of the ages you will transgress against Yah, stretching out hands to wickedness against Him; and to all the Gentiles shall you become a scorn.”

“For our father Yahgob is pure from the transgressions of the chief priests.”

“For as the heaven is purer in Yah’s sight than the earth, so also be you, the lights of Yahdaim, purer than all the Gentiles.”

“But if you be darkened through transgressions, what, therefore, will all the Gentiles do living in blindness?”

“Yea, you shall bring a curse upon our race, because the light of the Law which was given for to lighten every man this you desire to destroy by teaching commandments contrary to the ordinances of Yah.”

“The offerings of Yah you shall rob, and from His portion shall you steal choice portions, eating them contemptuously with harlots.”

“And out of covetousness you shall teach the commandments of Yah, wedded women shall you pollute, and the virgins of Yahrusalem shall you defile…”

“And with harlots and adulteresses shall you be joined, and the daughters of the Gentiles shall you take to wife, purifying them with an unlawful purification; and your union shall be like unto Sodom and Gomorrah…”

“And you shall be puffed up because of your priesthood, lifting yourselves up against men, and not only so, but also against the commands of Yah.”

“For you shall contemn the Set-Apart things with jests and laughter.”

“Therefore the Temple, which Yah shall choose, shall be laid waste through your uncleanness, and you shall be captives throughout all nations.”

“And you shall be an abomination unto them, and you shall receive reproach and everlasting shame from the righteous judgement of Yah.”

“And all who hate you shall delight at your destruction!”

“And if you were not to receive mercy through Abraham, Isaac, and Yahgob, our fathers…”

“Not one of our seed should be left upon the earth.”

“And now I have learnt that for seventy weeks you shall go astray, and profane the priesthood, and pollute the sacrifices.”

“And you shall make void the Law, and set at naught the words of the prophets by evil perverseness.”

“And you shall persecute righteous men, and hate the righteous; the words of the righteous shall you abhor.”

“And a righteous men who renew the Law in the power of the Most High, you shall call a deceiver; and at last you shall rush upon them to slay them, not knowing, taking innocent blood through wickedness upon your heads.”

“And your places shall be laid waste even to the ground because of  the righteous men.”

“And you shall have no place that is clean; but you shall be among the Gentiles a curse and a dispersion until Yah shall again visit you…”

He prophesies the coming of  King Dawid..

“And whereas you have heard concerning the seventy weeks, hear also concerning the priesthood. For in each jubilee there shall be a priesthood.”

“And in the first jubilee, the first who is anointed to the priesthood shall be great, and shall speak to Yah as to a father.”

“And his priesthood shall be perfect with Yah, and in the day of his gladness shall he arise for the salvation of the world.”

“In the second jubilee, he that is anointed shall be conceived in the sorrow of beloved ones; and his priesthood shall be honored and shall be praised by all.”

“And the third priest shall he taken hold of by sorrow.”

“And the fourth shall be in pain, because unrighteousness shall gather itself against him exceedingly, and all Yahdaim shall hate each one his neighbor.”

“The fifth shall be taken hold of by darkness. Likewise also the sixth and the seventh.”

“And in the seventh shall, be such pollution as I cannot express before men, for they shall know it who do these things.”

“Therefore shall they be taken captive and become a prey, and their land and their substance shall be destroyed.”

“And in the fifth week they shall return to their desolate country, and shall renew the House of Yah.”

“And in the seventh week shall become priests, who are idolaters, adulterers, lovers of money, proud, lawless, lascivious, abusers of children and beasts.”

“And after their punishment shall have come from Yah, the priesthood shall fail.”

“Then shall Yah raise up a new priest…”

(King Dawid)

“And to him all the words of Yah shall be revealed; and he shall execute a righteous judgement upon the earth for a multitude of days.”

“And his star shall arise in heaven as of a King.”

“Lighting up the light of knowledge as the sun the day, and he shall be magnified in the world.”

“He shall shine forth as the sun on the earth, and shall remove all darkness from under heaven, and there shall be peace in all the earth.”

“The heavens shall exult in his days, and the earth shall be glad, and the clouds shall delight;”

“And the knowledge of Yah shall be poured forth upon the earth, as the water of the seas;”

“And the Malakim (angels) of the presence of Yah shall be glad in him.”

“The heavens shall be opened, and from the Temple of Honor shall come upon him sanctification, with the Father’s voice as from Abraham to Isaac.”

“And the Honor of the Most High shall be uttered over him, and the Ruach of understanding and sanctification shall rest upon him.”

“For he shall give the majesty of Yah to His sons in truth for evermore;”

“And there shall none succeed him for all generations for ever.”

“And in his Priesthood the Gentiles shall be multiplied in knowledge upon the earth, and enlightened through the favor of Yah.”

“In his Priesthood shall iniquity come to an end, and the lawless shall cease to do evil.”

“And he shall open the gates of paradise, and shall remove the threatening sword against Adam, and he shall give to the Righteous to eat from the tree of life, and the Ruach  shall be on them.”

“And Satan shall be bound by him, and he shall give power to His children to tread upon the evil spirits.”

“And Yah shall delight in His children, and be well pleased in His beloved ones for ever.”

“Then shall Abraham and Isaac and Yahgob exult, and I will be glad…”

“And all the Righteous shall clothe themselves with gladness.”

“And now, my children, you have heard all; choose, therefore, for yourselves either the light or the darkness, either the Law of Yah or the works of Satan.”

Timple of Ba’al

“And his sons answered him, saying…

“Before Yah we will walk according to…” “His Law.”

“And their father said unto them…”

“Yah is witness, and His Malakim (angels) are witnesses, and you are witnesses…”

“And I am witness…”

“Concerning the word of your mouth.”

 “And his sons said unto him…”

“We are…witnesses!”

And thus Levi ceased commanding his sons; and he stretched out his feet on the bed, and was gathered to his fathers, after he had lived a hundred and thirty-seven years.

And they laid him in a coffin, and afterwards they buried him in Hebron, with I Abraham, Isaac, and Yahgob.





The Fourth Son of Yahgob and Leah.

Yahdah, the fourth son of Yahgob and Leah. He is the giant, athlete, warrior; he recounts heroic deeds. He runs so fast that he can outstrip a hind.

The Last Words of Yahdah, what things he spoke to his sons before he died.

They gathered themselves together, therefore, and came to him, and he said to them:

“Listen…my children, to Yahdah your father!”

“I was the fourth son born to my father Yahgob; and Leah my mother named me Yahdah, saying…”

“I give thanks to Yah, because He has given me a fourth son also.”

“I was swift in my youth, and obedient to my father in everything.”

“And I honored my mother and my mother’s sister.”

“And it came to pass, when I became a man, that my father honored me, saying..”

“You shall be a King, prospering in all things.”

“And Yah showed me favor in all my works both in the field and in the house.”

“I know that I raced a red deer, and caught it, and prepared the meat for my father, and he did eat.”

“And the roes (deer) I used to master in the chase, and overtake all that was in the plains.”

“A wild mare I overtook, and caught it and tamed it.”

“I slew a lion and plucked a young goat out of its mouth.”

“I took a bear by its paw and hurled it down the cliff, and it was crushed.”

“I outran the wild boar, and seizing it as I ran, I tore it in sunder.”

“A leopard in Hebron leaped upon my dog, and I caught it by the tail, and hurled it on the rocks, and it was broken in two.”

“I found a wild ox feeding in the fields, and seizing it by the horns, and whirling it round and stunning it, I cast it from me and slew it.”

“And when the two kings of the Canaanites came sheathed…in armor against our flocks, and much people with them, single handed I rushed upon the king of Hazor, and smote him on the greaves and dragged him down, and so I slew him.”

“And the other…the king of Tappuah, as he sat upon his horse, I slew, and so I scattered all his people.”

“Achor, the king, a man of giant stature…”

“I found, hurling javelins before and behind as he sat on horseback…”

“And I took up a stone of sixty pounds weight, and hurled it and smote his horse, and killed it.”

“And I fought with this other for two hours; and I split his shield in two…and I chopped off his feet, and killed him.”


“And as I was stripping off his breastplate…”

“Behold!…Nine men his companions began to fight with me…”

“And I wound my garment on my hand…and I slung stones at them, and killed four of them, and the rest fled.”

“And Yahgob my father slew Beelesath, king of all the kings…a giant in strength, twelve cubits (18 feet) high.”

“And fear fell upon them, and they ceased warring against us.”


“Therefore my father was free from anxiety in the wars when I was with my brethren.”

“For he saw in a vision concerning me that an angel of might followed me everywhere, that I should not be overcome.”

“And in the south there came upon us a greater war than that in Shechem; and…”

“I joined in battle array with my brethren, and pursued a thousand men…and slew of them two hundred men and four kings.”

“And I went up upon the wall…and I slew four mighty men.”

“And so we captured Hazor, and took all the spoil.”

“And the next day we departed to Aretan, a city strong and walled and inaccessible, threatening us with death.”


“But I and Gad approached on the east side of the city, and Reuben and Levi on the west.”

“And they that were upon the wall, thinking that we were alone, were drawn down against us.”

“And so my brothers secretly climbed up the wall on both sides by stakes, and entered the city, while the men knew it not.”

“And we took it with the edge of the sword.”

“And as for those who had taken refuge in the tower…we set fire to the tower and took both it and, them.”

“And as we were departing the men of Tappuah seized our spoil…and seeing this we fought with them.”

“And we slew them all…and recovered our spoil.”

“And when I was at the waters of Kozeba, the men of Jobel came against us to battle.”

“And we fought with them and routed them; and their allies from Shiloh we slew…and we did not leave them power to come in against us.”

“And the men of Makir came upon us the fifth day, to seize our spoil; and we attacked them and overcame them in fierce battle…”

“For there was a host of mighty men among them, and we slew them before they had gone up the ascent.”

“And when we came to their city their women rolled upon us stones from the brow of the hill on which the city stood.”

“And I and Simeon had ourselves behind the town, and seized upon the heights, and destroyed this city also.”

“And the next day it was told us that the king of the city of Gaash with a mighty host was coming against us.”

I…therefore, and Dan pretended ourselves to be Amorites, and as allies went into their city.”

“And in the depth of night our brethren came and we opened to them the gates; and we destroyed all the men and their substance…and we took for a prey all that was theirs, and their three walls we cast down.”

“And we drew near to Thamna, where was all the substance of the hostile kings.”

“Then being insulted by them…I was therefore angry, and rushed against them to the summit…and they kept slinging against me stones and darts.”

“And had not Dan my brother aided me,they would have slain me.”

“We came upon them, therefore, with wrath, and they all fled; and passing by another way, they fought my father, and he made peace with them.”

“And we did to them no hurt, and they became tributary to us, and we restored to them their spoil.”

“And I built Thamna, and my father built Pabaal.”

“I was twenty years old when this war befell.”

“And the Canaanites feared me and my brethren.”

“And I had much cattle, and I had for chief herdsman Iram the Adullamite.”

“And when I went to him I saw Parsaba, king of Adullam; and he spoke unto us, and he made us a feast…and when I was heated he gave me his daughter Bathshua to wife.”

“She bare me Er, and Onan and Shelah; and two of them Yah smote: for Shelah lived, and his children are you.”

“And eighteen years my father abode in peace with his brother Esau, and his sons with us, after that we came from Mesopotamia, from Laban.”

“And when eighteen years were fulfilled, in the fortieth year of my life, Esau…the brother of my father, came upon us with a mighty and strong people.”

“And Yahgob smote Esau with an arrow, and he was taken up wounded on Mount Seir, and as he went he died at Anoniram.”

“And we pursued after the sons of Esau.”

“Now they had a city with walls of iron and gates of brass…”

Mount Seir…is Petra

“And we could not enter into it, and we encamped around, and besieged it.”

Petra is Mount Seir

“And when they opened not to us in twenty days, I set up a ladder in the sight of all and with my shield upon my head I went up…”

“Sustaining the assault of stones, upwards of three talents weight (33kg or 72 lbs); and I slew four of their mighty men.”

“And Reuben and Gad slew six others.”

“Then they asked from us terms of peace; and having taken counsel with our father, we received them as tributaries.”

“And they gave us five hundred cor’s of wheat, five hundred baths of oil, five hundred measures of wine…until the famine, when we went down into Mizrahyim.”

“And after these things my son Er took to wife Tamar, from Mesopotamia, a daughter of Aram.”

“Now Er was wicked…and he was in need concerning Tamar, because she was not of the land of Canaan.”

“And on the third night an Malak (angel) of Yah smote him.”

“And he had not known her according to the evil craftiness of his mother, for he did not wish to have children by her.”

“In the days of the wedding feast I gave Onan to her in marriage; and he also in wickedness knew her not, though he spent with her a year.”

“And when I threatened him he went in unto her…but he spilled the seed on the ground, according to the command of his mother, and he also died through wickedness.”

“And I wished to give Shelah also to her, but his mother did not permit it; for she wrought evil against Tamar…because she was not the daughters of Canaan, as she also herself was.”

“And I knew that the race of the Canaanites was wicked, but the impulse of youth blinded my mind.”

“And when I saw her pouring out wine, owing to the intoxication of wine…”

“I was deceived, and took her although my father had not counselled it.”

“And while I was away she went and took for Shelah a wife from Canaan.”

“And when I knew what she had done, I cursed her in the anguish of my soul.”

“And she also died through her wickedness together with her sons.”

“And after these things, while Tamar was a widow, she heard after two years that I was going up, to shear my sheep, and adorned herself in bridal array, and sat in the city Enaim by the gate.”

“For it was a law of the Amorites, that she who was about to marry should sit in fornication seven days by the gate.”

“Therefore being drunk with wine, I did not recognize her; and her beauty deceived me, through the fashion of her adorning.”

“And I turned aside to her, and said…”

“Let me go in unto you.”

“And she said:..”

“What will you give me?”

“And I gave her my staff, and my girdle, and the diadem of my kingdom in pledge.”

A diadem is a type of crown, specifically an ornamental headband worn by monarchs and others as a badge of royalty.

“And I went in unto her…and she conceived”

“And not knowing what I had done, I wished to slay her; but she privily sent my pledges, and put me to shame.”

“And when I called her…I heard also the secret words which I spoke when lying with her in my drunkenness; and I could not slay her, because it was from Yah.”

“For I said, Lest haply she did it in subtlety, having received the pledge from another woman.”

“But I came not again near her while I lived, because I had done this abomination in all Yahdaim.”

“Moreover…they who were in the city said there was no harlot in the gate, because she came from another place, and sat for a while in the gate.”

“And I thought that no one knew that I had gone in to her.”

“And after this we came into Mizrahyim to Yoseph, because of the famine.”

“And I was forty and six years old…and seventy and three years lived I in                                                 Mizrahyim.”

And now I command you…my children, hearken to Yahdah your father, and keep my sayings to perform all the ordinances of Yah, and to obey the commands of Yah.”

“And walk not after your lusts, nor in the imaginations of your thoughts in haughtiness of heart…and honor not in the deeds and strength of your youth, for this also is evil in the eyes of Yah.”

“Since I also honored that in wars no comely woman’s face ever enticed me, and reproved Reuben my brother concerning Bilhah…the wife of my father…”

“The spirits of jealousy and of fornication arrayed themselves against me, until I lay with Bathshua the Canaanite, and Tamar, who was espoused to my sons.”

“For I said to my father-in-law: I will take counsel with my father, and so will I take your daughter.”

“And he was unwilling but he showed me a boundless store of gold in his daughter’s behalf; for he was a king.”

“And he adorned her with gold and pearls, and caused her to pour out wine for us at the feast with the beauty of women.”

And the wine turned aside my eyes, and pleasure blinded my heart.

“And I became fascinated of and I lay with her…and transgressed the Commandment of Yah and the commandment of my fathers, and I took her to wife.”

“And Yah rewarded me according to the imagination of my heart, inasmuch as I had no delight in her children.”

“And now…my children, I say unto you, be not drunk with wine; for wine turn the mind away from, the truth, and inspires the passion of lust, and lead the eyes into error.”

“For the spirit of fornication have wine as a minister to give pleasure to the mind; for these two also take away the mind of man.”

“For if a man drink wine to drunkenness, it disturb the mind with filthy thoughts leading to fornication, and heat the body to carnal union; and if the occasion of the lust be present, he work the wickedness, and is not ashamed.”

“Such is the inebriated man, my children; for he who is drunken reverence no man.”

“For, lo, it made me also to err, so that I was not ashamed of the multitude in the city, in that before the eyes of all I turned aside unto Tamar…”

“And I worked a great transgression, and I uncovered the covering of my sons’ shame.”

“After I had drunk wine I reverenced not the Commandment of Yah…and I took a woman of Canaan to wife.”

“For much discretion need the man who drink wine, my children; and herein is discretion in drinking wine, a man may drink so long as he preserve modesty.”

“But if he go beyond this limit the spirit of deceit attack his mind, and it make the drunkard to talk filthily…”

“And to transgress and not to be ashamed, but even to honor in his shame, and to account himself honorable.”

“He that commit fornication is not aware when he suffers loss…and is not ashamed when put to dishonor.”

“For even though a man be a king and commit fornication, he is stripped of his kingship by becoming the slave of fornication…as I myself also suffered.”

“For I gave my staff, that is, the stay of my tribe; and my girdle, that is, my power; and my diadem, that is, the honor of my kingdom.”

“And indeed I repented of these things; wine and flesh I eat not until my old age, nor did I behold any delight.”

“And the Malak (angel) of Yah showed me that for ever do women bear rule over king and beggar alike.”

“And from the king they take away his honor, and from the valiant man his might, and from the beggar even that little which is the stay of his poverty.”

“Observe, therefore, my children, the right limit in wine; for there are in it four evil spirits–of lust, of hot desire, of profligacy, of filthy money.”

“If you drink wine in gladness, be you modest in the fear of Yah.”

“For if in your gladness the fear of Yah depart…then drunkenness arise and shamelessness steal in.”

“But if you would live soberly do not touch wine at all, lest you transgress in words of outrage…”

“And in fighting’s and slanders, and transgressions of the Commandments of Yah, and you perish before your time.”

“Moreover, wine reveal the mysteries of Yah and men, even as I also revealed the Commandments of Yah…”

“And the mysteries of Yahgob my father to the Canaanite woman Bathshua, which Yah bade me not to reveal.”

“And wine is a cause both of war and confusion.”

“And now…I command you, my children, not to love money, nor to gaze upon the beauty of women; because for the sake of money and beauty I was led astray to Bathshua the Canaanite.”

“For I know that because of these two things shall my race fall into wickedness.”

“For even wise men among my sons shall they mar, and shall cause the kingdom of Yahdah to be diminished…which Yah gave me because of my obedience to my father.”

“For I never caused grief to Yahgob, my father…for all things whatsoever he commanded I did.”

“And Isaac, the father of my father, honored me to be king in Yahdaim…and Yahgob further honored me in like manner.”

“And I know that from me shall the Kingdom be established.”

“And I know what evils you will do in the last days.”

“Beware…therefore, my children, of fornication, and the love of money, and hearken to Yahdah your father.”

“For these things withdraw you from the Law of Yah…and blind the inclination of the soul, and teach arrogance, and suffer not a man to have compassion upon his neighbor.”

“They rob his soul of all goodness, and oppress him with toils and troubles, and drive away sleep from him, and devour his flesh.”

“And he hinder the Sacrifices of Yah; and he remember not the honor of Yah…he hearken not to a prophet when he speak, and resent the words of righteousness.”

“For he is a slave to two contrary passions, and cannot obey Yah…because they have blinded his soul, and he walk in the day as in the night.”

“My children, the love of money lead to idolatry…because, when led astray through money, men name as gods those who are not gods, and it cause him who have it to fall into madness.”

“For the sake of money…I lost my children, and had not my repentance, and my humiliation, and the prayers of my father been accepted, I should have died childless.”

“But Yah of my fathers had mercy on me, because I did it in ignorance.”

“And the prince of deceit blinded me…and I transgressed as a man and as flesh, being corrupted through wickedness; and I learnt my own weakness while thinking myself invincible.”

“Know, therefore, my children…that two spirits wait upon man-the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit.”

“And in the midst is the spirit of understanding of the mind, to which it belong to turn wheresoever it will.”

“And the works of truth and the works of deceit are written upon the hearts of men, and each one of them Yah know.”

“And there is no time at which the works of men can be hid…for on the heart itself have they been written down before Yah.”

“And the spirit of truth testified all things, and accuse all…and the wicked is burnt up by his own heart, and cannot raise his face to the judge.”

“And now, my children…”

“I command you, love Levi, that you may abide, and exalt not yourselves against him, lest you be utterly destroyed.”

“For to me Yah gave the Kingdom, and to him the Priesthood, and He set the Kingdom beneath the Priesthood.”

“To me He gave the things upon the earth; to him the things in the heavens.”

“As the heaven is higher than the earth, so is the Priesthood of Yah higher than the earthly Kingdom…unless it falls away through iniquity from Yah and is dominated by the earthly kingdom.”

“For the Malak of Yah said unto me…”

“Yah chose him rather than you, to draw near to Him, and to eat of His Table and to offer Him the first-fruits of the choice things of the sons of Yah…but you shall be King of Yahgob.”

“And you shall be among them as the sea.”

“For as, on the sea, just and unjust are tossed about, some taken into captivity while some are enriched…so also shall every race of men be in you…”

“Some shall be impoverished, being taken captive, and others grow rich by plundering the possessions of others.”

“For the kings shall be as sea-monsters.”

“They shall swallow men like fishes: the sons and daughters of freemen shall they enslave; houses, lands, flocks, money shall they plunder:”

“And with the flesh of many shall they wrongfully feed the ravens and the cranes; and they shall advance in evil in covetousness uplifted…and there shall be false prophets like tempest, and they shall persecute all righteous men.”

“And Yah shall bring upon them divisions one against another.”

“And there shall be continual wars in Yahdaim…”

“And among men of another race shall my Kingdom be brought to an end, until the Salvation of Yahdaim shall come.”

“Until the appearing of Yah of righteousness, that Yahgob, may rest in peace.”

“And He shall guard the might of my Kingdom for ever; for Yah aware to me with an oath that He would not destroy the Kingdom from my seed for ever.”

“Now I have much grief, my children, because of your lewdness and witchcraft’s…”


and idolatresses which you shall practice against the Kingdom…following them that have familiar spirits, diviners, and demons of error.”


“You shall make your daughters singing girls and harlots, and you shall mingle in the abominations of the Gentiles.”

“For which things’ sake Yah shall bring upon you famine and pestilence, death and the sword…beleaguering by enemies, and revelings of friends…”

“The slaughter of children, the rape of wives, the plundering of possessions…”

“The burning of the Temple of Yah, the laying waste of the land, the enslavement of yourselves among the                                           Gentiles.”

“And they shall make some of you eunuchs for their wives.”

“Until Yah visit you…when with perfect heart you repent and walk in all His Commandments, and He bring you up from captivity among the Gentiles.”

“And after these things shall a star arise to you from Yahgob in peace…”

“And a man shall arise from my seed, like the sun of righteousness…”

(King Dawid)

“Walking with the sons of men in meekness and righteousness…”

“And no iniquity shall be found in him.”

“And the heavens shall be opened unto him, to pour out the spirit, even the honor of the Father; and He shall pour out the Ruach of favor upon you…”

“And you shall be unto Him sons in truth, and you shall walk in His Commandments first and last.”

“Then shall the scepter of my Kingdom shine forth…and from your root shall arise a stem; and from it shall grow a rod of righteousness to the Gentiles, to judge and to save all that call upon Yah.”

“And after these things shall Abraham and Isaac and Yahgob arise unto life…and I and my brethren shall be chiefs of the tribes of Yahdaim:”

“Levi first…I the second, Yoseph third, Benjamin fourth, Simeon fifth, Issachar sixth, and so all in order.”

“And Yah honored Levi, and the Malak of the Presence…me; the powers of honor, Simeon; the heaven, Reuben; the earth, Issachar; the sea, Zebulun; the mountains, Yoseph…”

“The Tabernacle, Benjamin; the luminaries, Dan; Eden, Naphtali; the sun, Gad; the moon, Asher.”

“And you shall be the people of Yah, and have one tongue…and there shall be there no spirit of deceit of Satan, for he shall be cast into the fire forever.”

“And they who have died in grief shall arise in gladness, and they who were poor for Yah’s sake shall be made rich…and they who are put to death for Yah’s sake shall awake to life.”

“And the hearts of Yahgob shall run in gladness, and the eagles of Yahdaim shall fly in gladness…and all the people shall honor Yah forever.”

“Observe, therefore, my children…all the Law of Yah, for there is hope for all them who hold fast unto, His ways.”

“Behold!…I die before your eyes this day, a hundred and nineteen years old.”

“Let no one bury me in costly apparel, nor tear open my bowels…for this shall they who are kings do; and carry me up to Hebron with you.”

And Yahdah…when he had said these things, fell asleep; and his sons did according to all whatsoever he commanded them, and they buried him in Hebron, with his fathers.



The Fifth Son of Yahgob and Leah.

Issachar, the fifth son of Yahgob and Leah. The righteous child of hire for mandrakes. He appeals for simplicity.

The Last Words of Issachar.

For he called his sons and said to them:

“Listen, my children, to Issachar your father… give ear to the words of him who is beloved of Yah.”

“I was born the fifth son to Yahgob, by way of hire for the mandrakes.”

“For Reuben my brother brought in mandrakes from the field…and Rachal met him and took them.”

“And Reuben wept…and at his voice Leah my mother came forth.”

“Now these mandrakes were sweet-smelling apples which were produced in the land of Haran below a ravine of water.”

“And Rachal said…”

“I will not give them to you, but they shall be to me instead of children.”

“For Yah has despised me…and I have not borne children to Yahgob.”

“Now there were two apples; and Leah said to Rachal…”

“Let it suffice you that you has taken my husband…will you take these also?”

“And Rachal said to her…”

“You shall have Yahgob this night for the mandrakes of your son…”

“And Leah said to her…”

“Yahgob is mine…for I am the wife of his youth.”

“But Rachal said…”

“Boast not…and vaunt not yourself; for he espoused me before you…”

“And for my sake he served our father fourteen years!”

“And had not craft increased on the earth and the wickedness of men prospered, you would not now see the face of Yahgob.”

“For you are not his wife…but in craft were taken to him in my stead.”

“And my father deceived me, and removed me on that night, and did not suffer Yahgob to see me; for had I been there, this had not happened to him.”

“Nevertheless…for the mandrakes I am hiring Yahgob to you for one night.”

“And Yahgob knew Leah…and she conceived and bare me, and on account of the hire I was called Issachar.”

“Then appeared to Yahgob an Malak of Yah, saying…”

“Two children shall Rachal bear, inasmuch as she has refused company with her husband, and has chosen contingency.”

“And had not Leah my mother paid the two apples for the sake of his company, she would have borne eight sons…for this reason she bare six, and Rachal bare the two: for on account of the mandrakes Yah visited her.”

“For He knew that for the sake of children she wished to company with Yahgob, and not for lust of pleasure.”

“For on the morrow also she again gave up Yahgob.”

“Because of the mandrakes…therefore, Yah hearkened to Rachal.

“For though she desired them…she ate them not, but offered them in the house of Yah, presenting them to the Priest of the Most High who was at that time.”

“When, therefore…I grew up, my children, I walked in uprightness of heart, and I became a husbandman for my father and my brethren, and I brought in fruits from the field according to their season.”

“And my father honored me…for he saw that I walked in virtue before him.”

“And I was not a busybody in my doings…nor envious and malicious against my neighbor.”

“I never slandered any one…nor did I criticized the life of any man, walking as I did in singleness of eye.”

“Therefore, when I was thirty-five years old, I took to myself a wife…for my labor wore away my strength, and I never thought upon pleasure with women; but owing to my toil, sleep overcame me.”

“And my father always delight in my righteousness, because I offered through the Priest to Yah all first-fruits; then to my father also.”

“And Yah increased ten thousand fold His benefits in my hands; and also Yahgob, my father, knew that Yah aided my singleness.”

“For on all the poor and oppressed I bestowed the good things of the earth in the singleness of my heart.”

“And now, hearken to me…my children, and walk in singleness of your heart, for I have seen in it all that is well-pleasing to Yah.”

“The single-minded man covet not gold, he overreach not his neighbor, he long not after manifold dainties, he delight not in varied apparel.”

“He does not desire to live a long life, but only wait for the will of Yah.”

“And the spirits of deceit have no power against him…for he look not on the beauty of women, lest he should pollute his mind with corruption.”

“There is no envy in his thoughts, no malicious person make his soul to pine away, nor worry with insatiable desire in his mind.”

“For he walk in singleness of soul, and behold all things in uprightness of heart, shunning eyes made evil through the error of the world…lest he should see the perversion of any of the Commandments of the Yah.”

“Keep, therefore, my children, the Law of Yah…and get singleness, and walk in guilelessness, not playing the busybody with the business of your neighbor, but love Yah and your neighbor, have compassion on the poor and weak.”

“Bow down your back unto husbandry, and toil in labors in all manner of husbandry, offerings to Yah with thanksgiving.”

“For with the first-fruits of the earth will Yah increase you, even as He increased all the righteous  from Abel even until now.”

“For no other portion is given to you than of the fatness of the earth…whose fruits are raised by toil.”

“For our father Yahgob increased me with increases of the earth and of first-fruits.”

“And Levi and Yahdah were honored by Yah even among the sons of Yahgob; for Yah gave them an inheritance, and to Levi He gave the Priesthood, and to Yahdah the Kingdom.”

“And do you therefore obey them, and walk in the singleness of your father; for unto Gad have it been given to destroy the troops that are coming upon Yahdaim.”

“Know you therefore, my children…that in the last times your sons will forsake singleness… and will cleave unto insatiable desire.”

“And leaving guilelessness, will draw near to malice; and forsaking the Commandments of Yah…they will cleave unto Satan.”

“And leaving husbandry, they will follow after their own wicked devices, and they shall be dispersed among the Gentiles, and shall serve their enemies.”

“And do you therefore give these commands to your children, that, if they transgress, they may the more quickly return to Yah…”

“For He is merciful, and will deliver them, even to bring them back into their land.”

“Behold, therefore, as you see, I am a hundred and twenty-six years old and am not conscious of committing any iniquity.”

“Except my wife I have not known any woman. I never committed fornication by the uplifting of my eyes.”

 “I drank not wine…to be led astray thereby…”

“I coveted not any desirable thing that was my neighbor’s.”

 “Guile arose not in my heart…”

 “A lie passed not through my lips.”

“If any man were in distress I joined my sighs with his…”

 “And I shared my bread with the poor.”

“I wrought righteousness…all my days I kept truth.”

“I loved Yah; likewise also every man with all my heart.”

“So do you also these things, my children, and every spirit of Satan shall flee from you, and no deed of wicked men shall rule over you…”

“And every wild beast shall you subdue, since you have with you Yah of heaven and earth and walk with men in singleness of heart.”

“And having said these things, he commanded his sons that they should carry him up to Hebron, and bury him there in the cave with his fathers.”

And he stretched out his feet and died, at a good old age; with every limb sound, and with strength unabated, he slept the eternal sleep.



The Sixth Son of Yahgob and Leah.

The Last Words of Zebulun, which he enjoined on his sons before he died in the hundred and fourteenth year of his life, two years after the death of Yoseph.

 “And he said to them…”

“Hearken to me, you sons of Zebulun attend to the words of your father.”

 “I, Zebulun…was born a good bestow to my parents.”

“For when I was born my father was honored very exceedingly, both in flocks and herds, when with the straked rods he had his portion.”

“I am not conscious that I have transgressed all my days, save in thought.”

“Nor yet do I remember that I have done any iniquity…except the transgress of ignorance which I committed against Yoseph; for I covenanted with my brethren not to tell my father what had been done.”

Genesis 37:3-4

Now Yahgob loved Yoseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors.

Coat of Many Colors

And when his brethren saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him.

“But I wept in secret many days on account of Yoseph…for I feared my brethren, because they had all agreed that if any one should declare the secret, he should be slain.”

“But when they wished to kill him, I adjured them much with tears not to be guilty of this wickedness.”

“For Simeon and Gad came against Yoseph to kill him, and he said unto them with tears…”

“Pity me, my brethren, have mercy upon the bowels of Yahgob our father…”

“Lay not upon me your hands to shed innocent blood, for I have not transgressed against you.”

“And if indeed I have transgressed, with chastening chastise me, my brethren, but lay not upon me your hand, for the sake of Yahgob our father…”

“And as he spoke these words, wailing as he did so..I was unable to bear his lamentations, and began to weep, and my liver was poured out, and all the substance of my bowels was loosened.”

“And I wept with Yoseph and my heart sounded, and the joints of my body trembled, and I was not able to stand.”

“And when Yoseph saw me weeping with him, and them coming against him to slay him, he fled behind me, beseeching them.”

“But meanwhile Reuben arose and said: Come, my brethren, let us not slay him, but let us cast him into one of these dry pits, which our fathers digged and found no water.”

“For for this cause Yah forbade that water should rise up in them in order that Yoseph should be preserved.”

“And they did so, until they sold him to the Ishmaelite’s.”

“For in his price I had no share, my children.”

“But Simeon and Gad and six other of our brethren took the price of Yoseph, and bought sandals for themselves, and their wives, and their children, saying…”

“We will not eat of it, for it is the price of our brother’s blood…but we will assuredly tread it under foot, because he said that he would be king over us, and so let us see what will become of his dreams.”

“Therefore it is written in the writing of the law of Mosheh…that whosoever will not raise up seed to his brother, his sandal should be unloosed, and they should spit in his face.”

“And the brethren of Yoseph wished not that their brother should live, and Yah loosed from them the sandal which they wore against Yoseph their brother.”

“For when they came into Mizrahyim they were unloosed by the servants of Yoseph outside the gate, and so they made obeisance to Yoseph after the fashion of King Pharaoh.”

“And not only did they make obeisance to him, but were spit upon also, falling down before him forthwith, and so they were put to shame before. the people of Mizrahyim.”

“For after this the people of Mizrahyim heard all the evils that they had done to Yoseph.”

“And after he was sold my brothers sat down to eat and drink.”

“But I…through pity for Yoseph, did not eat, but watched the pit, since Yahdah feared lest Simeon, Dan, and Gad should rush off and slay him.”

“But when they saw that I did not eat, they set me to watch him, till he was sold to the Ishmaelite’s.”

“And when Reuben came and heard that while he was away Yoseph had been sold, he rent his garments, and mourning, said…”

 “How shall I look on the face of my father Yahgob?”

“And he took the money and ran after the merchants but as he failed to find them he returned grieving.”

“But the merchants had left the broad road and marched through the Troglodytes by a short cut.”

“But Reuben was grieved…and ate no food that day.”

“Dan therefore came to him and said: “Weep not, neither grieve; for we have found what we can say to our father Yahgob.”

 Let us slay a kid of the goats, and dip in it the coat of Yoseph; and let us send it to Yahgob, saying: “Know, is this the coat of your son?”

“And they did so. For they stripped off from Yoseph his coat when they were selling him, and put upon him the garment of a slave.”

“Now Simeon took the coat, and would not give it up, for he wished to rend it with his sword, as he was angry that Yoseph lived and that he had not slain him.”

“Then we all rose up and said unto him: If you give not up the coat, we will say to our father that you alone did this evil thing in Yahdaim.”

“And so he gave it unto them, and they did even as Dan had said.”

And now children…I command you to keep the Commands of Yah, and to show mercy to your neighbors, and to have compassion towards all, not towards men only, but also towards beasts.”

“For all this thing’s sake Yah increased me, and when all my brethren were sick, I escaped without sickness, for Yah know the purposes of each.”

“Have, therefore, compassion in your hearts, my children, because even as a man does to his neighbor, even so also will Yah do to him.”

“For the sons of my brethren were sickening and were dying on account of Yoseph…”

“Because they showed not mercy in their hearts; but my sons were preserved without sickness, as you know.”

“And when I was in the land of Canaan, by the sea-coast, I made a catch of fish for Yahgob my father; and when many were choked in the sea, I continued unhurt.”

 “I was the first to make a boat to sail upon the sea, for Yah gave me understanding and wisdom therein.”

“And I let down a rudder behind it, and I stretched a sail upon another upright piece of wood in the midst.”

 And I sailed therein along the shores, catching fish for the house of my father until we came to Mizrahyim.

“And through compassion I shared my catch with every stranger.”

“And if a man were a stranger, or sick, or aged, I boiled the fish, and dressed them well, and offered them to all men, as every man had need, grieving with and having compassion upon them.”

“Wherefore also Yah satisfied me with abundance of fish when catching fish; for he that share with his neighbor receive manifold more from Yah.”

“For five years I caught fish and gave thereof to every man whom I saw, and sufficed for all the house of my father.”

“And in the summer I caught fish, and in the winter I kept sheep with my brethren.”

 “Now I will declare unto you what I did.”

 “I saw a man in distress through nakedness in wintertime, and had compassion upon him, and stole away a garment secretly from my father’s house, and gave it to him who was in distress.”

“Do you, therefore, my children, from that which Yah bestow upon you, show compassion and mercy without hesitation to all men, and give to every man with a good heart.”

“And if you have not the wherewithal to give to him that need, have compassion for him in bowels of mercy.”

“I know that my hand found not the wherewithal to give to him that needed, and I walked with him weeping for seven furlongs (220 yards), and my bowels yearned towards him in compassion.”

“Have, therefore, yourselves also, my children, compassion towards every man with mercy, that Yah also may have compassion and mercy upon you.”

“Because also in, the last days Yah will send His compassion on the earth, and where so ever He find bowels of mercy He dwell in him.”

“For in the degree in which a man has compassion upon his neighbors, in the same degree have Yah also upon him.”

“And when we went down into Mizrahyim, Yoseph bore no malice against us.”

“To whom taking heed, do you also, my children, approve yourselves without malice, and love one another; and do not set down in account, each one of you, evil against his brother.”

“For this break unity and divide all kindred, and trouble the soul, and wear away the countenance.”

“Observe, therefore, the waters, and know when they flow together, they sweep along stones, trees, earth, and other things.”

“But if they are divided into many streams, the earth swallow them up…and they vanish away.”

“So shall you also be if you be divided. Be not You, therefore, divided into two heads for everything which Yah made have but one head, and two shoulders, two hands, two feet, and all the remaining members.”

“For I have learnt in the writing of my fathers, that you shall be divided in Yahdaim, and you shall follow two kings, and shall work every abomination.”

“And your enemies shall lead you captive, and you shall be evil entreated among the Gentiles, with many infirmities and tribulations.”

“And after these things you shall remember Yah and repent, and He shall have mercy upon you, for He is merciful and compassionate.”

“And He set not down in account evil against the sons of men, because they are flesh, and are deceived through their own wicked deeds.”

“And after these things shall there arise unto you Yah Himself…the Light of Righteousness, and you shall return unto your land.”

“And you shall see Him in Yahrusalem, for His name’s sake.”

“And again through the wickedness of your works shall you provoke Him to anger…”

“And you shall be cast away by Him unto the time of consummation.”

“And now, my children…grieve not that I am dying, nor be cast down in that I am coming to my end.”

“For I shall rise again in the midst of you, as a ruler in the midst of his sons; and I shall delight in the midst of my tribe, as many as shall keep the Law of Yah, and the commandments of Zebulun their father.”

“But upon the unrighteous shall Yah bring eternal fire…and destroy them throughout all generations.”

“But I am now hastening away to my rest, as did also my fathers.”

“But do you fear Yah with all your strength all the days of your life.”

And when he had said these things he fell asleep, at a good old age.

And his sons laid him in a wooden coffin. And afterwards they carried him up and buried him in Hebron, with his fathers.




The Seventh Son of Yahgob and Bilhah.

The seventh son of Yahgob and Bilhah. The jealous one. He counsels against anger saying that “it give peculiar vision.” 

The Last Words of Dan, which he spoke to his sons in his last days, in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life.

 For he called together his family, and said:

“Listen to my words…you sons of Dan; and give heed to the words of your father.”

“I have proved in my heart, and in my whole life, that truth with just dealing is good and well pleasing to Yah…and that lying and anger are evil, because they teach man all wickedness.”

“I confess, therefore…this day to you, my children, that in my heart I resolved on the death of Yoseph my brother, the true and good man.”

“And I delight that he was sold…because his father loved him more than us.”

“For the spirit of jealousy and pride said to me: you yourself also are his son.”

“And one of the spirits of Satan stirred me up, saying…”

“Take this sword, and with it slay Yoseph: so shall your father love you when he is dead.”

“Now this is the spirit of anger that persuaded me to crush Yoseph as a leopard  crush a young goat.”

“But Yah of my fathers did not suffer him to fall into my hands…so that I should find him alone and slay him, and cause a second Tribe to be destroyed in Yahdaim.”

“And now, my children…Behold!”

“I am dying, and I tell you of a truth, that unless you keep yourselves from the spirit of lying and of anger, and love truth and long suffering, you shall perish.”

“For anger is blindness, and does not suffer one to see the face of any man with truth.”

“For though it be a father or a mother, he behave towards them as enemies; though it be a brother, he know him not; though it be a prophet of Yah, he disobey him…though a righteous man, he regard him not; though a friend, he does not acknowledge him.”

“For the spirit of anger encompass him with the net of deceit, and blind his eyes, and through lying darken his mind, and give him its own peculiar vision.”

“And which encompass it his eyes? With hatred of heart…so as to be envious of his brother.”

“For anger is an evil thing, my children…for it trouble even the soul itself.”

“And the body of the angry man it make its own, and over his soul it get the mastery, and it bestow upon the body power that it may work all iniquity.”

“And when the body does all these things, the soul justify what is done, since it see not rightly.”

“Therefore he that is wrathful, if he be a mighty man, has a threefold power in his anger…one by the help of his servants; and a second by his wealth…”

“Whereby he persuade and overcome wrongfully; and thirdly, having his own natural power he work thereby the evil.”

“And though the wrathful man be weak, yet has he a power twofold of that which is by nature; for wrath ever aid such in lawlessness.”

“This spirit go always with lying at the right hand of Satan…that with cruelty and lying his works may be worked.”

“Understand you…therefore, the power of wrath, that it is vain.”

“For it first of all give provocation by word; then by deeds it strengthen him who is angry…and with sharp losses disturb his mind, and so stir up with great wrath his soul.”

“Therefore…when any one speak against you, be not you moved to anger, and if any man praise you as righteous men, be not uplifted: be not moved either to delight or to disgust…”

“For first it please the hearing, and so make the mind keen to perceive the grounds for provocation…and then being enraged, he think that he is justly angry.”

“If you fall into any loss or ruin, my children, be not afflicted…for this very spirit make a man desire that which is perishable, in order that he may be enraged through the affliction.”

“And if you suffer loss voluntarily, or involuntarily, be not vexed…for from vexation arise wrath with lying.”

“Moreover, a twofold mischief is wrath with lying…and they assist one another in order to disturb the heart…”

“And when the soul is continually disturbed, Yah depart from it, and Satan rule over it.”

“Observe…therefore, my children, the Commandments of Yah, and keep His Law…”

“Depart from wrath, and hate lying, that Yah may dwell among you, and Satan may flee from you.”

“Speak truth each one with his neighbor. So shall you not fall into wrath and confusion,,,”

“But you shall be in peace…having Yah of peace, so shall no war prevail over you.”

“Love Yah through all your life…and one another with a true heart.”

“I know that in the last days you shall depart from Yah, and you shall provoke Levi unto anger, and fight against Yahdah…but you shall not prevail against them, for an Malak of Yah shall guide them both; for by them shall Yahdaim stand.”

“And when so ever you depart from Yah, you shall walk in all evil and work the abominations of the Gentiles…going a-whoring after women of the lawless ones, while with all wickedness the spirits of wickedness work in you.”

“For I have read in the book of Enoch, the righteous, that your prince is Satan, and that all the spirits of wickedness and pride will conspire to attend constantly on the sons of Levi, to cause them to transgress before Yah.”

“And my sons will draw near to Levi, and transgress with them in all things…and the sons of Yahdah will be covetous, plundering other men’s goods like lions.”

“Therefore shall you be led away with them into captivity…and there shall you receive all the plagues of Mizrahyim, and all the evils of the Gentiles.”

“And so when you return to Yah you shall obtain mercy…and He shall bring you into His Sanctuary, and He shall give you peace.”

“And there shall arise unto you from the tribe of Yahdah and of Levi the salvation of Yah; (King Dawid) and he shall make war against Satan”

“And execute an everlasting vengeance on our enemies…and the captivity shall he take from Satan the righteous, and turn disobedient hearts unto Yah…and give to them that call upon him eternal peace And the righteous shall rest in Eden…”

“And in the New Yahrusalem shall the righteous delight, and it shall be unto the Honor of Yah for ever.”

“And no longer shall Yahrusalem endure desolation, nor Yahdaim be led captive; for Yah shall be in the midst of it (living among men), and One King (Dawid) shall reign over it in humility; and among men in truth.”

“And now…fear Yah, my children, and beware of Satan and his spirits.”

“Draw near unto Yah and unto the Malak (angel) that intercede for you, for he is a mediator between Yah and man, and for the peace of Yahdaim he shall stand up against the kingdom of the enemy.”

“Therefore is the enemy eager to destroy all that call upon Yah.”

“For he know that upon the day on which Yahdaim shall repent…the kingdom of the enemy shall be brought to an end.”

“For the very Malak of peace shall strengthen Yahdaim…that it fall not into the extremity of evil.”

“And it shall be in the time of the lawlessness of Yahdaim…that Yah will not depart from them, but will transform them into a nation that does His will, for none of the Malakim (angels) will be equal unto him.

“And His name shall be in every place in Yahdaim, and among the Gentiles.”

“Keep, therefore, yourselves, my children, from every evil work, and cast away wrath and all lying, and love truth and long-suffering…”

“And the things which you have heard from your father, do you also impart to your children that the Savior Yah of the Yahdaim may receive you…for he is true and long-suffering, meek, and teach by his works the Law of Yah.”

“Depart…therefore, from all unrighteousness, and cleave unto the righteousness of Yah, and your race will be saved for ever.”

 “And bury me near my fathers.”

And when he had said these things he kissed them, and fell asleep at a good old age.

And his sons buried him, and after that they carried up his bones, and placed them near Abraham, and Isaac, and Yahgob.

 Nevertheless, Dan prophesied unto them that they should forget Yah, and should be alienated from the land of their inheritance and from the race of Yahdaim, and from the family of their seed.



The Eighth Son of Yahgob and Bilhah.

The Last Words of Naphtali, which he ordained at the time of his death in the hundred and thirtieth year of his life.

When his sons were gathered together in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, while still in good health, he made them a feast of food and wine.

And after he was awake in the morning, he said to them…”

“I am dying.”

And they believed him not.

And as he praised Yah…he grew strong and said that after yesterday’s feast he should die.

And he began then to say…”

“Hear, my children…you sons of Naphtali, hear the words of your father.”

“I was born from Bilhah, and because Rachal dealt craftily, and gave Bilhah in place of herself to Yahgob…and she conceived and bare me upon Rachal’s knees, therefore she called my name Naphtali.”

“For Rachal loved me very much because I was born upon her lap…and when I was still young she was wont to kiss me, and say…”

“May I have a brother of yours from mine own womb, like unto you.”

“Cause also Yoseph was like unto me in all things, according to the prayers of Rachal.”

“Now my mother was Bilhah, daughter of Rotheus the brother of Deborah, Rebecca’s nurse…who was born on one and the self-same day with Rachal.”

“And Rotheus was of the family of Abraham, a Chaldean, Yah-fearing, free-born, and noble.”

“And he was taken captive and was bought by Laban…and he gave him Euna his handmaid to wife, and she bore a daughter, and called her name Zilpah, after the name of the village in which he had been taken captive.”

“And next she bore Bilhah, saying…”

“My daughter hastens after what is new, for immediately that she was born she seized the breast and hastened to suck it.”

“And I was swift on my feet like the deer, and my father Yahgob appointed me for all messages, and as a deer did he give me his favor.”

“For as the potter know the vessel, how much it is to contain, and bring clay accordingly…so also does Yah make the body after the likeness of the spirit, and according to the capacity of the body does He implant the spirit.”

“And the one does not fall short of the other by a third part of a hair; for by weight, and measure, and rule was all the creation made.”

“And as the potter know the use of each vessel, what it is meet for, so also does Yah know the body, how far it will persist in goodness, and when it begin in evil.”

“For there is no inclination or thought which Yah know not, for He created every man after His own image.”

“For as a man’s strength, so also in his work; as his eye, so also in his sleep; as his soul, so also in his word either in the Law of Yah or in the law of Satan.”

“And as there is a division between light and darkness, between seeing and hearing, so also is there a division between man and man…’

“And between woman and woman; and it is not to be said that the one is like the other either in face or in mind.”

“For Yah made all things good in their order, the five senses in the head, and He joined on the neck to the head, adding to it the hair also for comeliness and distinction, then the heart for understanding…”

“The belly for excrement, and the stomach for grinding, the windpipe for taking in the breath…”

“The liver for wrath, the gall for bitterness, the spleen for laughter, the reins for prudence, the muscles of the loins for power, the lungs for drawing in, the loins for strength, and so forth.”

“So then, my children, let all your works be done in order with good intent in the fear of Yah…and do nothing disorderly in scorn or out of its due season.”

“For if you bid the eye to hear, it cannot; so neither while you are in darkness can you do the works of light.”

“Be you…therefore, not eager to corrupt your doings through covetousness or with vain words to beguile your souls…”

“Because if you keep silence in purity of heart…you shall understand how to hold fast the will of Yah, and to cast away the will of Satan.”

“Sun and moon and stars, change not their order…so do you also change not the Law of Yah in the disorderliness of your doings.”

“The Gentiles went astray…and forsook Yah, and charged their order, and obeyed stocks and stones, spirits of deceit.”

“But you shall not be so, my children, recognizing in the firmament, in the earth, and in the sea, and in all created things, Yah who made all things…that you become not as Sodom, which changed the order of nature.”

“In like manner the Watchers also changed the order of their nature, whom Yah cursed at the flood…on whose account He made the earth without inhabitants and fruitless.”

 “These things I say unto you, my children, for I have read in the writing of Enoch that you yourselves also shall depart from Yah…”

“Walking according to all the lawlessness of the Gentiles…and you shall do according to all the wickedness of Sodom.”

“And Yah shall bring captivity upon you, and there shall you serve your enemies, and you shall be bowed down with every affliction and tribulation, until Yah have consumed you all.”

“And after you have become diminished and made few…you return and acknowledge Yah your Father; and He shall bring you back into your land, according to His abundant mercy.”

“And it shall be, that after that they come into the land of their fathers, they shall again forget Yah and become wicked.”

“And Yah shall scatter them upon the face of all the earth, until the compassion of Yah shall come…”

“A man working righteousness and working mercy unto all them that are afar off, and to them that are near.”

“For in the fortieth year of my life, I saw a vision on the Mount of Olives, on the east of Yahrusalem, that the sun and the moon were standing still.”

“And behold Isaac, the father of my father, said to us…Run and lay hold of them, each one according to his strength; and to him that seize them will the sun and moon belong.”

“And we all of us ran together, and Levi laid hold of the sun, and Yahdah outstripped the others and seized the moon, and they were both of them lifted up with them.”

“And when Levi became as a sun, lo..a certain young man gave to him twelve branches of palm; and Yahdah was bright as the moon, and under their feet were twelve rays.”

“And the two…Levi and Yahdah, ran, and laid hold of them.”

“And lo…a bull upon the earth, with two great horns, and an eagle’s wings upon its back; and we wished to seize him, but could not.”

“But Yoseph came…and seized him, and ascended up with him on high.”

“And I saw, for I was there, and behold a writing appeared to us, saying…”

“Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Chaldeans, Syrians, shall possess in captivity the twelve tribes of Yahdaim.”

“And again, after seven days…I saw our father Yahgob standing by the sea of Jamnia, and we were with him.”

“And behold…there came a ship sailing by, without sailors or pilot; and there was written upon the ship, The Ship of Yahgob.”

“And our father said to us…Come, let us embark on our ship.”

“And when he had gone on board, there arose a vehement storm, and a mighty tempest of wind; and our father, who was holding the helm, departed from us.”

“And we, being tossed with the tempest, were borne along over the sea; and the ship was filled with water, and was pounded by mighty waves, until it was broken up.”

“And Yoseph fled away upon a little boat, and we were all divided upon nine planks, and Levi and Yahdah were together.”

“And we were all scattered unto the ends of the earth.”

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

“Then Levi…girt about with sackcloth, prayed for us all unto the Yah.”

“And when the storm ceased, the ship reached the land as it were in peace.”

“And, lo…our father came, and we all delight with one accord.”

“These two dreams I told to my father; and he said to me…”

“These things must be fulfilled in their season…after that Yahdaim has endured many things.”

“Then my father said unto me…”

“I believe Yah that Yoseph live, for I see always that Yah number him with you.”

“And he said…weeping: Ah me, my son Yoseph, you live, though I behold you not, and you see not Yahgob that begat you.”

“He caused me also, therefore, to weep by these words…and I burned in my heart to declare that Yoseph had been sold, but I feared my brethren.”

“And lo!..My children, I have shown unto you the last times, how everything shall come to pass in Yahdaim.”

“Do you also, therefore, charge your children that they be united to Levi and to Yahdah…for through them shall salvation arise unto Yahdaim, and in them shall Yahgob be honored?”

“For through their Tribes shall Yah appear dwelling among men on earth…to save the race of Yahdaim, and to gather together the righteous from among the Gentiles.”

“If you work that which is good, my children, both men and Malakim (angeles) shall honor you…and Yah shall be praised among the Gentiles through you…”

” The devil shall flee from you, and the wild beasts shall fear you, and Yah shall love you, and the Malakim (angels) shall cleave to you.”

“As a man who has trained a child well is kept in kindly remembrance…so also for a good work there is a good remembrance before Yah.”

“But him that does not that which is good, both Malakim and men shall curse, and Yah shall be dishonored among the Gentiles through him…”

“And the devil shall make him as his own peculiar instrument, and every wild beast shall master him, and Yah shall hate him.”

“For the Commandments of the Law are twofold, and through prudence must they be fulfilled.”

“For there is a season for a man to embrace his wife, and a season to abstain therefrom for his prayer.”

“So, then, there are two Commandments; and…unless they be done in due order, they bring very great wickedness upon men.”

“So also is it with the other Commandments.”

“Be you therefore wise in Yah, my children, and prudent, understanding the order of His Commandments…and the Laws of every word, that Yah may love you…”

And when he had charged them with many such words, he exhorted them that they should remove his bones to Hebron, and that they should bury him with his fathers.

And when he had eaten and drunken with a merry heart, he covered his face and died.

And his sons did according to all that Naphtali their Father had commanded them.



The Ninth Son of Yahgob and Zilpah.

The Last Words of Gad, what things he spoke unto his sons, in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life, saying unto them:

“Hearken, my children…I was the ninth son born to Yahgob, and I was valiant in keeping the flocks.”

“Accordingly I guarded at night the flock; and whenever the lion came, or the wolf, or any wild beast against the fold…”

“I pursued it, and overtaking it I seized its foot with my hand and hurled it about a stone’s throw, and so killed it.”

“Now Yoseph my brother was feeding the flock with us for upwards of thirty days, and being young, he fell sick by reason of the heat.”

“And he returned to Hebron to our father, who made him lie down near him, because he loved him greatly.”

“And Yoseph told our father that the sons of Zilpah and Bilhah were slaying the best of the flock and eating them against the judgement of Reuben and Yahdah.”

“For he saw that I had delivered a lamb out of the mouth of a bear, and put the bear to death; but had slain the lamb, being grieved concerning it that it could not live, and that we had eaten it.”

“And regarding this matter I was wroth with Yoseph until the day that he was sold.”

“And the spirit of hatred was in me…and I wished not either to hear of Yoseph with the ears, or see him with the eyes, because he rebuked us to our faces saying that we were eating of the flock without Yahdah.”

“For whatsoever things he told our father, he believed him.”

“I confess now my children that oftentimes I wished to kill him, because I hated him from my heart.”

“Moreover…I hated him yet more for his dreams; and I wished to lick him out of the land of the living, even as an ox lick up the grass of the field.”

“And Yahdah sold him secretly to the Ishmaelite’s.”

“Thus Yah of our fathers delivered him from our hands, that we should not work great lawlessness in Yahdaim.”

“And now, my children, hearken to the words of truth to work righteousness, and all the Law of the Most High, and go not astray through the spirit of hatred, for it is evil in all the doings of men.”

“Whatsoever a man does the hater abominated him: and though a man work the Law of Yah, he praise him not; though a man fear Yah, and take pleasure in that which is righteous, he love him not.”

“He dispraised the truth, he envied him that prospered, he welcome evil-speaking, he love arrogance, for hatred blind his soul; as I also then looked on Yoseph.”

“Beware…therefore, my children of hatred, for it work lawlessness even against Yah Himself.”

“For it will not hear the words of His Commandments concerning the loving of one’s neighbor, and it transgress against Yah.”

“For if a brother stumble…it delight immediately to proclaim it to all men, and is urgent that he should be judged for it, and be punished and be put to death.”

“And if it be a servant it stir him up against his master, and with every affliction it devised against him, if possibly he can be put to death.”

“For hatred work with envy also against them that prosper: so long as it hear of or see their success it always languish.”

“For as love would quicken even the dead, and would call back them that are condemned to die, so hatred would slay the living, and those that had transgressed corrupted it would not suffer to live.”

“For the spirit of hatred work together with Satan, through hastiness of spirits, in all things to men’s death…but the spirit of love work together with the Law of Yah in long-suffering unto the salvation of men.”

“Hatred, therefore…is evil, for it constantly mate with lying, speaking against the truth…”

“And it make small things to be great, and cause the light to be darkness…”

“And call the sweet bitter, and teach slander, and kindle wrath, and stir up war, and violence and all covetousness; it fill the heart with evils and devilish poison.”

“These things, therefore…I say to you from experience, my children, that you may drive forth hatred, which is of the devil, and cleave to the love of Yah.”

“Righteousness cast out hatred…humility destroy envy.”

“For he that is just and humble is ashamed to do what is unjust…being reproved not of another, but of his own heart, because Yah look on his inclination.”

“He speak not against a man…because the fear of Yah overcome hatred.”

“For fearing lest he should offend Yah…he will not do wrong to any man, even in thought.”

“These things I learnt at last, after I had repented concerning Yoseph.”

“For true repentance after a righteous sort destroy ignorance, and drive away the darkness…”

“And enlighten the eyes, and give knowledge to the soul, and lead the mind to salvation.”

“And those things which it has not learnt from man, it know through repentance.”

“For Yah brought upon me a disease of the liver; and had not the prayers of Yahgob my father succored me, it had hardly failed but my spirit had departed.”

“For by what things a man transgress by the same also is he punished.”

“Since, therefore, my liver was set mercilessly against Yoseph, in my liver too I suffered mercilessly…and was judged for eleven months, for so long a time as I had been angry against Yoseph.”

“And now…my children, I exhort you, love you each one his brother, and put away hatred from your hearts…love one another in deed, and in word, and in the inclination of the soul.”

“For in the presence of my father I spoke peaceably to Yoseph…and when I had gone out, the spirit of hatred darkened my mind, and stirred up my soul to slay him.”

“Love you one another from the heart; and if a man transgress against you, speak peaceably to him, and in your soul hold not guile; and if he repent and confess, forgive him.”

“But if he deny it, do not get into a passion with him, lest catching the poison from you he take to swearing and so you transgress doubly.”

“Let not another man hear your secrets when engaged in legal strife, lest he come to hate you and become your enemy…”

“And commit a great transgression against you; for often times he address you guile fully or busied himself about you with wicked intent.”

“And though he deny it and yet have a sense of shame when reproved, give over reproving him.”

“For be who deny may repent so as not again to wrong you…yea, he may also honor you, and fear and be at peace with you.”

“And if he be shameless and persist in his wrong-doing, even so forgive him from the heart…”

“And leave to Yah the avenging.”

“If a man prosper more than you, do not be vexed, but pray also for him, that he may have perfect prosperity.

“For so it is suitable for you.”

“And if he be further exalted, be not envious of him, remembering that all flesh shall die; and offer praise to Yah, who give things good and profitable to all men.”

“Seek out the judgments of Yah, and your mind will rest and be at peace.”

“And though a man become rich by evil means, even as Esau, the brother of my father, be not jealous; but wait for the end of Yah.

“For if He take away from a man wealth gotten by evil means He forgive him if he repent, but the unrepentant is reserved for eternal punishment.”

“For the poor man…if free from envy he please Yah in all things, is honored beyond all men, because he has not the travail of vain men.”

“Put away, therefore, jealousy from your souls, and love one another with uprightness of heart.”

“Do you also therefore tell these things to your children, that they honor Yahdah and Levi, for from them shall Yah raise up salvation to Yahdaim.”

“For I know that at the last your children shall depart from Him, and shall walk in O’ wickedness, and affliction and corruption before Yah.”

And when he had rested for a little while, he said again;

“My children, obey your father…and bury me near to my fathers.”

And he drew up his feet, and fell asleep in peace.

And after five years they carried him up to Hebron, and laid him with his fathers.




The Tenth Son of Yahgob and Zilpah.

The Last Words of Asher, what things he spoke to his sons in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life.

For while he was still in health, he said to them:

“Listen…you children of Asher, to your father, and I will declare to you all that is upright in the sight of Yah.”

“Two ways has Yah given to the sons of men, and two inclinations, and two kinds of action, and two modes of action, and two issues.”

“Therefore all things are by twos, one over against the other.”

“For there are two ways of good and evil, and with these are the two inclinations in our breasts discriminating them.”

“Therefore if the soul take pleasure in the good inclination…all its actions are in righteousness; and if it transgress it straightway repent.”

“For having its thoughts set upon righteousness, and casting away wickedness…it straightway overthrow the evil, and uproot the wickedness.”

“But if it incline to the evil inclination, all its actions are in wickedness, and it drive away the good, and cleave to the evil, and is ruled by Satan…”

“Even though it work what is good, he pervert it to evil.”

“For whenever it begin to do good, he force the issue of the action into evil for him, seeing that the treasure of the inclination is filled with an evil spirit.”

“A person then may with words help the good for the sake of the evil…yet the issue of the action led to mischief.”

“There is a man who show no compassion upon him who serve his turn in evil; and this thing has two aspects, but the whole is evil.”

“And there is a man that love him that work evil, because he would prefer even to die in evil for his sake…and concerning this it is clear that it has two aspects, but the whole is an evil work.”

“Though indeed he have love, yet is he wicked who conceal what is evil for the sake of the good name, but the end of the action tend unto evil.”

“Another steal, does unjustly, plunder, defraud, and withal pity the poor…this too has a twofold aspect, but the whole is evil.”

“He who defraud his neighbor provoke Yah, and swear falsely against the Most High, and yet pitied the poor.”

“Yah who commanded the Law He set at naught and provoke, and yet he refreshed the poor.”

“He defile the soul, and make gay the body; he kill many, and pitied a few: this, too, has a twofold aspect, but the whole is evil.”

“Another committed adultery and fornication, and abstained from meats, and when he fasted he does evil, and by the power of his wealth overwhelmed many…”

“And notwithstanding his excessive wickedness he does the commandments:”

“This, too, has a twofold aspect…but the whole is evil.”

“Such men are hares; clean…like those that divide the hoof, but in very deed are unclean.”

“For Yah in the tables of the Commandments has thus declared.”

“But do not you, my children, wear two faces like unto them, of goodness and of wickedness…but cleave unto goodness only, for Yah has his habitation therein, and men desire it.”

“But from wickedness flee away, destroying the evil inclination by your good works…”

“For they that are double-faced serve not Yah, but their own lusts, so that they may please Satan and men like unto themselves.”

“For good men, even they that are of single face, though they be thought by them that are double-faced to transgress, are just before Yah.”

“For many in killing the wicked do two works, of good and evil…”

“But the whole is good, because he has uprooted and destroyed that which is…”                                               “Evil!!”

“One man hate the merciful and unjust man, and the man who committed adultery and fast…this, too, has a twofold aspect, but the whole work is good, because he follow Yah’s example, in that he accept